A Moto Jacket, part of a..capsule wardrobe?!?


When Pattern Review announced their Wardrobe Sudoku Contest, I said, Never!  10 garments in two months that all have to coordinate with each other and shoes and accessories? Too mind-boggling for me. So I told myself I’d play along and use only fabric from my stash.

Well, the phrase, ‘never say never’ now clearly applies to me. I suppose my reluctance to join the fun had to do with the fact that I throw a hissy-fit whenever someone suggests I might sew with a plan (SWAP). I prefer to sew on a whim! But I’ve also secretly envied those who have used their sewing skills to achieve their dream capsule wardrobe too, which is basically what the Sudoku Challenge is all about.


Here’s my completed Sudoku wardrobe.

PicMonkey Image

The grid shows ten combinations that work together, but the truth is, there are many, many more. The Mimi G jacket is one of the key pieces because it goes with everything, so it’s an accessory on the grid. I’ve wanted to sew this jacket for a long time. It’s a cool girl thing, you know? And this one is designed by Mimi G, no less! Definitely on my sewing bucket list, but it took this contest to get me to push through.

IMG_5109 2


I’ll wear it open, closed, over jeans, skirts and dresses. Here it is with other pieces in my Sudoku wardrobe.

The pattern; Simplicity 8174 is cute, but it’s not an easy make, to say the least. It’s a well designed pattern, but very complicated. It has a side zipper, back shoulder insets, epaulets, a waistband with carrier and belt detail, and inset zippered pockets, and it’s lined. There are lots of pattern pieces to manage, but once I got them labeled clearly, things started to work better. Here’s a shot of the back waistband, and the back shoulder panels. Cool details, eh?IMG_5094 2

I used brushed twill from my stash and cut my usual size, comparing my measurements to those on the envelope. It turned out to be perfect! Challenges….Construction took awhile, and required my full concentration. For me, the shoulder panels were the most frustrating part. They’re faced with another piece of fabric which gives them stiffness and makes them look cool when they’re top stitched. But, I found the instructions confusing. Mimi G’s video on U tube saved the day. In fact, I used it constantly through the process. It really helped, although I did find a few challenges even with that. She constantly says, do the same thing to the other side. That works for everything but the front bodice which has a right and left side.  In error, I applied the facings to both sides, but in reality, you have to wait on the left side until later in the process so that you can insert the front angled zipper correctly. So, I had a few stitches to rip out.

I did cheat on the belt carriers on the top epaulets and on the waist band. I could not get my thick fabric to turn, so I just winged it, making carriers without turning them.  My fingers were grateful.

This complex pattern had so many twists and turns, I had to turn off my new binge-watching obsession, Bloodline, so that I could concentrate. It was worth it though. I know this jacket will get worn alot, a key piece in my spring wardrobe.

Check out the contest over on Pattern Review.com for some great inspiration. I just love seeing how everyone puts together a wardrobe, and many are only using their stash like me. One of my favorite wardrobes is Elizabeth’s of Elizabeth Made This, so inspiring! Check out her fabulous makes on her blog.

My wardrobe is done and posted now,(my denim ruffled skirt is one item) and it feels good to have it behind me. Over the next few days, I’ll do some posts on my other makes, including two statement sleeve tops, a safari jacket, an alder shirt dress and a long blue cardigan. I stayed with blues and neutrals, which seems to be all I have in my stash these days!

Will I always sew with a plan? I doubt it….no new leaf being turned over here. How about you? Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!!

18 thoughts on “A Moto Jacket, part of a..capsule wardrobe?!?

  1. Thanks for the shout out! What a fabulous jacket! I agree–moto jackets go.with.everything. I’m so glad you were able to get through. You’ve got a lot of great pieces, and sewing from your stash is freeing, especially when some of that fabric has been hanging around for a while.

    1. You are so welcome! Yes, I feel about a hundred pounds lighter! Some pieces were from my ‘precious’ bin. It was time to cut into it! Your wardrobe is fabulous,,and so wearable!

    1. Thanks! I’ve already worn it twice and it’s just the right weight for spring to! I must say, thinking about sewing in terms of a wardrobe pushed me to complete some projects that had been in my
      Minds eye for awhile, but I still like the thrill of finding a lovely fabric and just going for it.

  2. I totally agree that the moto jacket is a good item to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring. I’ve been looking for a great vintage one but, haven’t found the perfect fit yet. Here’s to the hunt.

  3. Your jacket is fabulous! It is amazing the unlimited number of outfits you can get from a few co-ordinating pieces. I played around with a few black wardrobe staples one day and ended up with tons of options! I am impressed that you, or anyone else out there, did this challenge. I would definitely have a problem getting so many garments done in such a short time, let alone staying on track! Nice work!

    1. Thanks so much! Honestly, I had to be a bit obsessed to get all of those garments done in time. Lucky me, my husband cooks 🙂 It is sort of amazing how many outfits you can conjure from a few key pieces. I love the results of this ‘planned’ sewing binge, but am not sure it will happen on a regular basis. I do love to respond to a ‘spur of the moment’ inspiration and sew away too, you know?

  4. This is lovely – just happened upon your blog when searching for some tips on the kimono jacket I am about to make and so glad….love the makes. Keep blogging please!

  5. So did you win the contest or are you still waiting to find out? I’m rooting for you! You’ve certainly been busy. Congrats on your new jacket! It’s very cool. I have this pattern but have been too intimidated to try it. How far along are you in Bloodline? I’m all caught up.

    1. THanks!!this jacket is one of those makes I’m going to wear a lot, I can tell:) The contest is a voting thing as most Pattern Review contests are so I won’t know until voting is over. I’m only half way through bloodline but will likely finish it this week as I’m obsessed. It is soooooo Good!!

  6. Wow, such a cool and fab jacket, it looks great on and so versitile. The idea of a capsule wardrobe really appeals to me and hopefully I’ll get there one day!

    1. Thanks! I’ve always like Moto jackets and the contest pushed me to finally make one! I’m glad it did because so far, it works with my every day wardrobe really well.

  7. Busy is an understatement: WOW!! Amazing work, both in terms of productivity and having everything work together. I can’t wait to see the other pieces here in more detail! This jacket turned out great and is really a fantastic piece to have around: it could go with ANYTHING! (Hmmm, do I need a moto jacket now??? 😉 )

    1. Of course you need a moto jacket!! Honestly, it does go with everything (I’ve worn it out now with skirts, dresses, jeans, dress-up pants, the works) and you would really look great in one. Can’t wait to see yours 🙂

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