A wrap jumper or a pinafore?



When I think Fall, I think, it’s ‘jumper’ weather! To me, a jumper is a sleeveless dress that’s meant to be worn over a shirt or blouse. But to my UK friends, ‘jumper’ means a sweater. Maybe, it’s less confusing to call my new make ‘a wrap dress that I am wearing over a shirt’.

This dress is one of my favorite styles because it’s wrapped. To me ‘wrap’ means comfortable, but what I really love about the style is that it’s so flattering. A wrap dress is considered to be perfect for any figure type because it defines your waist (especially nice for those of us who don’t have a waist). Wrap styles are perfect at any age, and you can wear them dressed up or dressed down.


My sleeveless wrap dress is McCall’s 6884.

The bodice of my ‘jumper’ is view B (without the gathered front), and the sleeves are view D. I eliminated the tie and made a mock closer with three buttons, arranged assymetrically across the wrap.The fabric is black ponte knit that has moderate stretch from my stash.

Under my jumper, I’m wearing a new button-down shirt, Butterick 5526.


This pattern in a new favorite. I made View D, but used the sleeve tabs from View A for the days when long sleeves are just too much. I chose View D because it has princess seams which makes the fit perfectly tapered. This makes the shirt easy to wear either loose, or tucked in.The fit of this pattern seems a bit snug to me through the waist, so I cut a size up from my usual.

As fitted shirts go, this pattern is pretty straightforward, and the instructions are great. But, it did take a bit of time to complete. From cut to finish, this project clocked in at four and half hours. (BTW, I finished the seams with my serger rather than constructing french seams. If you’re going to do that, add another hour (LOL).

Princess seams are my FAVORITE. Who can resist that tapered shape? The fabric I used is 100% cotton that I found in the quilting department of Joann’s. Honestly, there are bargains to be had there! I paid $5.99 a yard for this perfect pring. The colors go with everything in my closet.

A friend who is very ‘fashion forward’ wears her wrap jumper open as a long vest. Yes, I love to throw long vests over everything, so thought I’d give it a try, but I’m not sure….

Hmmm, probably not….? 

Here’s to Fall fashion; to jumpers and skirt and coats…all my favorite things to sew! What would you call this make; a jumper, a pinafore, or a sleeveless dress?  Would you ever wear it open as a vest?

Happy sewing, and thanks for stopping by!



DIY Cropped Pants and an Easy Top

img_7842Hi All! What are these? Cropped pants? Wide shorts? Culottes? Tell me, please. Whatever they are, they’re strangely reminscent of a poppy skirt I bought in junior high. Yes, it has been that long since I had anything in my wardrobe that was poppy! Can’t tell you why I’ve waited this long because the color is so fabulous. In fact, when you think of all the colors you can wear with it (black, navy, white, denim, maybe even army green?), you could almost call it a neutral.


I’ve wanted a pair of wide shorts/cropped pants since I saw Mimi G rocking them on her website. Yes, I could have purchased one of her excellent patterns to make these, but I felt sure a shorts pattern I had in my stash would work just fine. But after I made them, I realized didn’t have quite the right top to go with them. You know how it goes. One thing leads to another….


The cropped pants are a long version of Vogue 9008, a shorts pattern that is so versatile. You can make a flat front or pleated front version. I chose the pleats, but then I sewed them down to give the front a smooth finish. To get the full leg look I wanted, I lengthened the shorts by six inches, keeping the line of the shorts wide at the bottom. I love the effect. The shorts are snug at the top, but they flare out like a skirt at the bottom.

The pattern is pretty straightforward. It has a mock fly zipper, which is easy to insert, and you can add pockets if you want. The instructions were clear. It wasn’t hard, but with belt loops and a back yoke (which I love) this pattern is a bit time consuming.

I made them from poppy linen, purchased at Fabric Depot. It is midweight and I planned on lining the shorts with silk, but ended up taking the lining out because it made the legs too full and bunchy.  Yes, I wanted them to be full, but I did not want them to look like clown pants.


The top is made from a cotton-linen blend that’s the color of denim. I love this fabric and wish I could remember where I got it because I’d love to have more. The pattern is Vogue, 8906.

It has front pleats that form the shape of the bodice, eliminating the need for darts. There’s a zipper in back. To make the sleeves a little more boxy, I added a sleeve band that is 5″ wide. It makes the sleeves look more ‘finished’ to me, and adds a bit of a retro vibe, I think. I also added a v-neck, and adjusted the facings accordingly. This pattern is super easy! I plan on making several more versions including one with buttons down the front. The fit was spot on for me. I didn’t even have to adjust for my narrow shoulders. Nice!

img_7846I’m not sure if Poppy is a fall color, but I’m going to be wearing this outfit now, because linen is so perfect at this time of year. I’m not sure if I’ll really wear this top with the shorts though. Together they might be too much flare for me. Maybe I should wear them with a top that fits snuggly, or maybe something tucked in? Opinions welcome!

I hope your sewing projects are going well. Fall is my favorite time to sew, because the new fabrics are so fabulous. Enjoy!

Vogue 9204 – morphed!


img_6263-1Hi All! Sometimes, you just want a dress with pom-pom trim, am I right? That was the motivation that drove me to make this new frock. Frivilious? Yes, but oh so satisfying!  I can’t really tell you where my pom-pom craving came from. Maybe from these inspiring photos?

Pom-poms and lace; who can resist that? I love Blake Lively’s scarf too (Tory Burch, I think).

Pom poms can be tricky, though. You don’t want to look like a walking craft show (LOL). That’s why I tried to use some restraint and placed my pom poms only at the neckline…


…and cuffs.


Hopefully, I didn’t go too far 🙂

The pattern I used for this dress is a tunic/top pattern that’s new this fall, Vogue 9204. I was determined to make a dress with a v-neck and as luck would have it, the only pattern in my stash that seemed to work was this one, so I modifed.

  • I added 6 inches to the front and back bodice length.
  • I shortened the sleeves to three quarters and added a self drafted 5″cuff to each, inserting pom-pom trim in the seams.
  • Instead of using the tie at the neck, I made it into a wrap belt, by widening it a bit and squaring off the ends. I also added 6 inches to the length of my belt since I knew I wanted to wrap it twice around my middle.
  • I inserted pom-pom trim in the neck facing seam.


The fabric is a medium weight woven, with an ikat print, bought at Fabric Depot last Spring. I think the colors make it sort of Fall-ish, though, don’t you? If I were going to make this Vogue pattern into a tie top though rather than this dress, I would likely choose a fabric with more drape, like rayon. I chose cotton for my dress because I knew I’d be adding the weight of pom-pom trim to the dress’s neckline and cuffs and I wanted fabric that would hold its shape. (BTW, I didn’t realize it, but pom-pom trim is sort of fragile. If you aren’t careful, the shape can be lost as it is basically yarn wrapped around more yarn. You have to be a bit careful when cutting it and inserting the trim into the seam to keep all of your pom poms intact.)




All in all, I’m happy with the result. I think the lesson I learned with this dress is that every new project does not require a new pattern (sigh). Although I love pattern shopping and have a pattern stash that is HUGE, it is pretty easy to modify one I already have rather than buying a new one every time I get the urge.

I’ve been gathering ideas for fall sewing in a notebook, cutting out images from magazines, but it isn’t the most efficient method (an understatement). Then, there’s the difficulty of translating those ideas into a project cue. How do you all organize your inspirations and projects? My current method is one big mess.

I hope your fall sewing is off to a grand start. Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!