A travel dress in Barcelona

I always love seeing your ‘makes’ in action so I thought I’d do a quick post to show you my new favorite travel dress in Barcelona doing the hard job of keeping me comfortable and cool!

The double gauze I used for this version of Mccalls 7314 is the perfect travel fabric, crease resistent and easy to pack. The fabric is so lightweight it can be rolled easily and fit into a tiny space in my suitcase. A quick shake at my destination and it’s ready to be worn. Because gauze can fray,  I carefully finished my seams so that this dress could survive many washings . MCcalls 7314 is so easy to wear…I’ve made it before and I know I will again!

I am so fortunate to be here in Spain as part of a tour with my choir, Oregon Repertory Singers. Barcelona is so beautiful, and the people have made us feel so welcome, I never want to leave. There are amazing fabric stores here too…Nirvana! Eventually though, I will return home to my sewing machine with some beautiful fabric that will remind me of this city. In the meantime, Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!

16 thoughts on “A travel dress in Barcelona

  1. This is a perfect ‘post’. Informative in all aspects with just the right amount of photographs. The dress is so versatile and even looks good with your trainers. It is also a reminder of my trip to Barcelona some time ago ….. sigh. Such a wonderful city with so much soul.

  2. Such a beautiful place to go with your dress! It looks really breezy and in your lovely blues! I was just thinking that you must have been out on your travels the past while. How great to have been able to go to Spain. The food alone is worth the trip!

    1. Yes, I haven’t touched my sewing machine for a couple of weeks but am getting so many ideas as you do when you leave home! You are so right about the food! This loose fitting dress is just the thing for indulging in tapas and wine.

  3. Beautiful!! (The dress AND the scenery. 😉 ) The feeling of wearing something you’ve made (and are happy with) for an occasion is kind of unbeatable, so I hope you’ll have even fonder memories of your trip for that reason. Hope you had a lovely time and a safe trip back home!

    1. I so agree! I will never forget this trip, in part because of this lovely cotton dress! It made the trip comfortable and special and was well worth the time and effort it took to sew.

  4. Dresses are really a nice outfit for travel. I think maxi dress is a good choice when we travel in summer days. And also don’t forget the sunglasses and straw hats like you post.

  5. Such beautiful photos! I love how your blue dress matches that gorgeous blue sky! You are so right about dresses and especially shirt dresses. They truly are are great style on you. So nice that you were able to visit Barcelona. I have only heard good things about both the city and the country.

  6. Gorgeous location, I need to add that to my travel list!

    Such a cute dress! I love dresses for travel but never seem to make dresses out of travel-hearty fabrics. I’ve never used double gauze before – or even seen it, I guess. It’s not sheer? It’s a good garment fabric?

    1. Thanks! Yes, I love double gauze for dresses in part because they have the softness of a single gauze but without being see through. The Nano Iro ones are pretty popular in the fabric stores around here. I think you can find them on line…they have body but drape really nicely and are a dream to wear.

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