#sewjapaneseinjuly meets #tableclothrefashion

July was a big month for sewing challenges. There were so many on Instagram, I coudn’t keep track of them all. For me, two challenges stood out above the rest: #sewjapaneseinjuly and #scarfrefashion, which also includes tablecloths. Yes, my last post was about a tablecloth refashion, but as you all know, one thing always leads to another for me, and that project was so fun. I guess it isn’t too surprising that I had to do another revashion before July was done.

But first, my #japeneseinjuly make…

IMG_2306 This is the Summer Jacket from the Nano Iro sewing studio book.


Nano Iro is a watercolor artist who creates beautiful textiles. Her designs are transferred to cotton and linen, which are perfect for clothing. Not only does she create beautiful textiles but she is an author. On a recent shopping trip to Bolt fabric here in Portland, I discovered that her recent book has been translated to English! Of course, I couldn’t resist….this is the summer jacket from that book.


To me, Japanese sewing books are great because the styles are simpler and cleaner which allows the fabric to take center stage. That’s why, for this jacket, I reached deep into my stash for one of my favorite pieces of linen.


IMG_2318My linen has the tiniest bit of sheen which makes the denim color really pop.

IMG_2241I love the classic lines and the shawl collar of this summer jacket. The construction is basic but clever…the shawl collar is supported by a back neck facing that keeps the neck from rolling.  The pockets are patched onto the jacket, which gives it a utility jacket feel, so on-trend! It’s unlined so construction is a breeze. If you can set in a sleeve and attach a basic collar, you’re good to go! Use a medium weight fabric for this project with a bit of drape.  IMG_2305This style works with everything in my closet – – I suspect this jacket will be in my suitcase when I go to Italy this September!

On to the  tablecloth refashion…

IMG_2284This is the Basic Blouse, cut from a circular vintage table cloth purchased at an estate sale. I wish you could see from these photos that the cut detailing is embroidered with blue thread – – Love!!


Construction of this top was simple..The sleeves are cut into the bodice so there’s nothing much to it. The trick was in the layout….I had to place the cut detailing appropriately. I used the scalloped edge of the tablecloth as the hem and the center of the tablecloth as the yoke of the bodice. The sleeves are highlighted with more cut detailing, and after some tricky maneuvering I managed to get the sleeves to mirror each other. IMG_2287I added a back slit at the neckline and finished it with bias binding.

IMG_2246 2

I love my new outfit…and to think both pieces were inspired by sewing challenges! What challenges are you inspired by?

IMG_2190 Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!


12 thoughts on “#sewjapaneseinjuly meets #tableclothrefashion

  1. I love seeing and reading your creative and informative blog. The question about sewing challenges sounds fun and a way to put our sewing knowledge into practice. Where can I find out about the challenges and how do I become involved? It is fun to see your projects.

    1. Thanks, Barbara. Many of the sewing challenges are posted on Instagram. I follow several people who are always posting new challenges. @suestoney manages a few of them!

  2. Both garments are lovely, Linda. The placement of the cut details on the top is perfect! The fuzzy cutting was worth it. Thanks for the heads up about the English translation of the book. I have a daughter who loves that style of clothing so this will keep us both busy for a long time.

  3. These are two of the loveliest garments I’ve seen in the sewing universe. The fabric and pattern marriage of the coat is beautiful and that is the first ‘made from a tablecloth’ project that transformed into a lovely top that no one would peg as a former tablecloth. Well done!

    1. Thanks for the kind compliment! I enjoyed the process of creating both so much..it’s so nice when fabric and pattern and effort results in garments I love to live in!

  4. I was happy to see your garment picture and zoomed right in! 🙂 I also have the Nani Iro book (in fact I bought the Japanese one first last year and then saw there was an English translation so got that more recently!) and have been itching to make something. I just this evening was cutting out the Short-Sleeved Work Dress N (not in Nani Iro fabric, surprisingly) and was definitely eyeing up this coat as well, so I’m glad it worked well for you. I have just the piece of linen in my stash for it too. Your tablecloth top is very clever – I never would have guessed! Great stuff!

    1. Oh, the short sleeved work dress is in my list too! I’ll look forward to seeing yours! It’s such a fabulous book and I’m inspired every time I open the cover. The tablecloth top was such fun to make…I’ll never pass up a estate sale again:) thanks for your kind words…

  5. Great looking jacket and top. Both look great on you! I think you did an excellent job with the tablecloth refashion!

    1. Thanks, Linda! I’m really enjoying this jacket..I wore it twice over the weekend as it’s the perfect weight for summer. The book is so inspirational; take a look if you get the opportunity!

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