Wardrobe Part 2: Safari and Long Cardi

Hi All! I’m back with part 2 of my Sudoku Wardrobe adventure for Pattern Review’s Contest. These makes are two of my ‘accessories’, a linen safari jacket and a long knit cardigan. I think the fact that I interpreted the accessory category as a chance to add jackets or toppers to my wardrobe is a big clue that I live in Oregon! Honestly, one doesn’t venture out of the house, even in summer, without a wrap of some sort in hand. You just never know when the weather is going to shift and catch you by surprise.

This safari jacket was one of my favorite makes of this contest.

IMG_4313 2

Why? Because it’s detailed with double rows of topstitching everywhere!

Of course, I used my trusty #57 edge stitch presser foot to help guide me as I did on my denim dress last year. There’s something so satisfying about seeing those stitches lined up in perfect rows!

I’ve wanted to make a jacket like this for a while with a belt and pockets and buttons. I imagined a version with buttons on the upper pockets, but when I tried them on my jacket, well, it just was too much for me. So I left them off. McCalls 7365 is a loose-fitting, unlined vest and jacket with a self lined yoke, two piece sleeves, french seams and lots of pockets with tucks. It also has a cool back pleat, and a tie belt. There are lots of pieces of course, which makes this long project but it’s so satisfying and well worth the time. I love the two piece sleeves and the pleated pockets. One note though: the fit of the jacket is loose. Adjusting it would be a bit tricky if you usually adjust fit at the side seams because there are none. There’s a side panel instead.

The pattern instructions were great, the fit was good, and nothing was too tricky or confusing, definitely, a new favorite! The linen was from my stash, (YAY) purchased so long ago, I forgot where!  For the contest, the Sudoku grid forced me to pair this jacket with a skirt, but I’ll likely wear it more often with jeans and shorts. I want another version out of twill
 My other topper in the accessory category was a long knit cardigan.IMG_4826
I am such a fan of this shape. Earlier this year, I made this pattern and loved my wool knit version so much , I had to add a Spring version to my wardrobe.IMG_3967
It’s made from a denim colored cotton knit that I bought at Fabric Depot last summer. The fabric has just the right amount of stretch to make it wearable, but it’s not so stretch that it loses its shape. McCalls 7476 is one of my new favorites, and I have fabric for another version in linen knit. I cut this version a bit larger than my last because I wanted to take advantage of the light flow-y nature of this fabric. It floats a bit as I walk, which will make it a perfect summer layer.

I also made an Obagi belt from leather, and used that as one of my accessories too.


This belt is basically just two pieces of leather sewn together with leather ties. I crafted the tassels by cutting strips of leather and sewing them to the ends :). Not sure I love how they turned out, but I do use this belt all the time!

That’s it for my accessories; The Moto jacket from last post, the Safari jacket, the cardigan and the belt…four pieces I’m glad to have in my wardrobe! Next post will be the tops I made.

I wandered around my sewing room a bit yesterday and noticed how airy and light I feel with a smaller stash :). That’s one of the best parts about entering a contest/challenge for me. I’m motivated to complete projects I’ve dreamed about for a long time, and I burn through my stash! I have to admit though. It is hard to part with some fabric, like the brown linen piece I used for the Safari jacket. I love the color and know I will never find a piece like that again. What? Do I have regrets? Not really, but I do get sentimental about fabric!  Am I the only one?

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!

22 thoughts on “Wardrobe Part 2: Safari and Long Cardi

  1. I love the long knit cardi! I should get my hands on this pattern. When I’m at home, I always wear my duster around the house. I have it on right now. Good job girl!

  2. And I really like the safari top – the colour looks so nice with blue and it is summery but a little bit serious too. Perfect. This wardrobe is really coming together!

    1. Thanks! It was a aha moment when I discovered that warm shade of brown worked with blue. The two fabrics just happened to be stored together in one of my stash bins and when I opened it, for the first time in a long while, I loved how they looked side by side. Happy coincidence!

  3. I have both of these patterns and LOVE your takes on them. I am now very motivated to make that safari jacket, it’s so cool! And the cardigan is such a great staple (and so many views are in that pattern!) for just about any season; a wool knit version (or 5!) sounds divine. And I can’t believe you made that belt–WOW! Great work on this contest challenge: you totally rocked it! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I have to say, I totally agree with you about cardigans. I cannot have too many in my closet, and I am finding that safari jacket to be a great wardrobe staple. It goes with everything and I can so see you wearing one. I hope you make one and post it so I can enjoy!

  4. Love your Safari jacket so much and it was the BEST thing you could have used your beautiful brown linen for – it’s given it a sort leather-alike look that’s just perfect for that style. Love your long cardigan too – I have Tessuti’s pattern for a long cardi that I want to make this year for sure 🙂 I’ve joined the 2018 RTW fast challenge (great fb group for this!) but I’m also going to fast on patterns and fabric! I know how crazy this sounds but I’m feeling resolved. I have far too much of each and honestly enough to clothe myself for a lifetime so if I’m successful in meeting this resolve in 2018 I will continue in 2019 (I turn 65 Nov 2019) at least until my birthday. I will be so happy with myself if I meet this goal. When I read your comment “burn through my stash” I felt my resolve harden even more 🙂 Happy New Year to you and your loved ones – always love to read your blog and look forward to more in 2018 🙂

    1. Yes, the Safari jacket was good in concept but the color just didn’t make me happy! That Tessuti cardigan has been on my to do list for awhile. I’m sure yours will be fabulous! I joined the RTW fast as well – because I’m with you, it’s time to focus my sewing without building my stash of patterns and fabrics. Happy new year to you and yours as well…Here’s to even more sewing in 2018!

  5. I’m late to the party…but have two questions.
    1). I’m making the cardigan. (Just cut it out.) I’m not liking the (lack of) finishing on the facing. How did you finish your facing? What possibilities do you see?
    2). Love the belt! Exactly how did you make it? (Proportions of the rectangle, etc.) I can see one in fabric… I’m my future.

    1. I used my server to finish the edge of the facing…the belt is a long rectangle that is 3/4 of the measurement of my waist. Hope that helps..i think a Fabric belt would be fun!!

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