About the Jacket my Husband Hates


IMG_5308Hi All – – My husband is usually quite generous with compliments when I finish a make. But this coat got a strong, very negative reaction out of him! It caught me so off guard, I had to run to my girlfriends for reassurance. Yes, this coat isn’t the classic style I usually gravitate to, but I can’t always wear or sew the same old thing, am I right? That’s why I was drawn to this coat’s interesting hemline, and of course, that’s the detail, that makes my husband squirm.  IMG_5481It reminds me a bit of this Burberry wrap coat I saw on line.



3f6f53dc9543ab57b9f395117c3a8a2ef7b45d0cOf course, the challenge of this make was the plaid matching, made even more so by the fact that I have not changed my ways when it comes to buying fabric. I tend to buy on the short side….and that’s really crazy when the fabric is a plaid. When will I learn? Because I was short on fabric, I had some panicky moments as I tried to get the sleeve plaid to match the bodice plaid, but eventually, it worked. And let me tell you, after all that work, there’s no way I’m going to let one man’s opinion keep me from wearing this coat! Ha!


The pattern is Vogue, 9037, a double breasted style. The lovely wool is from the Mill End Store here in Portland. They have a fabulous wool selection…I feel so lucky to live close to them! The wool is a loose weave so I decided to line it with silk. This makes the coat so yummy to slip into. The pattern is easy to fit and sew. It doesn’t have darts or a complicated collar, and the shape is created by long tucks in the front and back bodice.

The pattern is out of print now…which is a shame if you ask me. This pattern has three easy collar choices and it’s a dramatic style so why not keep it around forever? I’m not sure how they decide when a pattern goes out of print, but some of the decisions completely baffle me. In this case, I’m not sure the envelope illustration did it justice, so maybe folks didn’t buy it? Who knows…

IMG_5484 2


Okay, so the style isn’t a classic, but it is fun, don’t you think? Maybe the shaped hem and interesting collar make this coat qualify as a…. statement piece?

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!

46 thoughts on “About the Jacket my Husband Hates

  1. That is some impressive pattern matching! It looks really good on you, and the points have a lengthening effect, a bonus if you’re not model height.. He’ll come round!

  2. Wait! What?
    First of all, let me assure your readers that I am the most wonderful husband and that this Elle Gee person (my wife) may just be delusional (regarding any design or personality imperfections of mine).
    Second, I like everything she has ever made – including that Key Lime pie…
    Third, no husbands were harmed (yet) in the making of this jacket – I would like it to stay that way.

  3. I know it doesn’t matter because we don’t know each other, but I am with your husband. The hemline might be ok in a solid fabric but the combination with the plaid is too much for me.

  4. Great job with plaid matching. I.like your coat. It is an interesting design. Sometimes husband’s don’t like a different style from the “norm”😊

    1. Thanks! It does seem as though my husband does like classic styling the best. I’m hoping this will grow on him so he doesn’t give me the hairy eyeball every time I wear it!

  5. Perhaps the spousal is just not used to something so bold? You did a beautiful job on this and I think it looks great on you! Your slimness perfectly suits the bold plaid and unusual coat styling. It’s a beautiful fabric and you managed to match the plaid perfectly . Well done

    1. Thanks! Yes, the spouse does prefer solids and classic colors. Perhaps over time, he will enjoy something with a bit more flare. The plaid matching was time consuming, but there’s nothing more satisfying, you know?

  6. Yep I like it. It took me a few minutes but I think it’s funky and fun and looks really warm. Good Job!!

    1. Thank-you! It is warm and cozy. Maybe it’s the sort of look that grows on you, as I think reactions are mixed at this point. One thing is for sure…I will never show up at a party and see someone who is wearing the same coat as me!

  7. I love the style of your coat and the pattern matching at the sleeves looks great, and i hope you dont mind me being honest….but I’m not sure about the hem either – I think it’s the combination of the large scale plaid with the angular hem.

    1. Thanks for giving your honest opinion, Chris, I appreciate that this style isn’t to everyone’s taste, and Rob is thrilled to know he has a kindred spirit out there:)

      1. It really is just individual taste, and life would be boring of we all had the same taste! My husband and I have very different tastes so I usually regret asking his opinion!

      2. So true! A boring life is a wasted one! Ha, I hear you! Sometimes I just shouldn’t ask, because, frankly, I’m going to wear it no matter what he says, LOL!

  8. Well at least he has an opinion! My husband gives a non-committal shrug of the shoulders at everything I make! You did a great job on your coat. Who doesn’t like a checked, belted coat?

    1. Ha! Good point…opinions are nice. He’s only come to them recently, I think as a product of being married to a blogger for so long. Thank-you! It was fun matching the plaids!

  9. This coat is great! I am definitely a fan of the funky hemline. Husbands don’t usually understand “fashion” so they shouldn’t be listened to for the most part (at least I know I ignore mine when he says a style doesn’t suit me and although he may be right, I just proudly wear it!).

    I just finished an Oslo coat-igan with a very funky wool plaid and I think it’s a little ugly in a cute way and I was surprised my husband said, “That’s going to turn out good!” When he saw it hanging on my dress form. Ha! What do I know? :-p

    1. Thank-you! Yes, wise words, if my husband is any indication, husbands and fashion don’t mix. I love the Oslo coat pattern and can’t wait to see yours! I’ll bet it’s stunning! How nice your guy gave it a thumbs up:)

      1. Haha agreed! My husband almost walked out of the house last weekend in a blue plaid flannel shirt and camo cargo shorts. I told him to at least have a solid bottom! Sigh.

        Ah, I meant the Seamwork Oslo cardigan! Although the Tessuti Oslo coat looks pretty straightforward (and cute, to boot!). I forget there’s name twinning out there with patterns. :-p

      2. Oh, of course! the Oslo cardigan! You made the cutest striped version! Yes there should be a law against duplicate names in the indie pattern world!

  10. Cool jacket, but I totally get why your husband’s reaction would irk you. I really value my boyfriend’s feedback with all of my creative projects because I know he’s the only person who is not afraid to tell me the truth. But there have seriously been times where his honest opinion hurt my feelings. In the end, though, go with your gut and wear what makes you happy and what feels special to you!

    1. Wise words! I guess the silver lining of an occasional thumbs down from one’s significant other, is that you do know that it comes from a place of honesty that makes you trust them more in the long run. But, as you suggest, I went with my gut today and wore the jacket on an outing and enjoyed it immensely – – even got a couple of compliments from strangers! I felt quite special, and it did make me very, very happy:)

      1. I love it when I wear something I’ve made out and someone who has no idea I made it gives me a compliment! That’s how you really know your shi! is good!

  11. Wear it! It’s so you and the hem detail is fabulous. Maybe the pattern of the plaid hitting where it hits on the hem is what bothers your husband, but then, you did a killer job on the pattern matching. Sometimes opinions of personal taste are indefensible. Anyhow, this is a statement of a coat!

    1. Thank-you! It’s definitely the plaid and the interesting hem line together that bothers him. I wear the coat proudly though. After all, it’s just one man’s opinion:)

  12. I love your coat! And that plaid matching is AMAZING. It really sets off the style lines of this coat. My husband can squirm too at the sight of something that’s off the “normal” grid 🙂 He does like most things I make but a couple of times when I’ve wandered off the classic path, he’s looked at me with a smile that let’s me know he’s not KEEN 🙂 but that never stops me from wearing it. I think most women dress for other women anyway and in the case of sewists – well we often dress for other women who sew! They are the ones after all who can appreciate what we’ve been through to make the garment 🙂 and frankly most sewists would be looking excitedly at your plaid matching, getting that hem just right and that gorgeous silk lining that I doubt was a picnic to make either!

    1. Thank-you! Squirm is the perfect word to describe the look my husband had when I wore this:) I’m certainly going to wear it no matter what, and as you say, it’s so nice to have sewing friends who really get what went into making this coat. We’re all in this sewing thing together!

  13. I would suspect that the reason your husband doesn’t like it is because it hides your perfect, lithe figure too much. I think the coat looks fantastic, but most men do prefer styles that skim the figure a little more. It’s not really his fault. It is part of his biological make up. And, honestly, we are all thankful that our husbands appreciate the female form as much as they do. We just can’t let that stop us from enjoying fashion on our terms.

    1. Well said and I couldn’t agree more! I do appreciate his point of view, even though it can be inconvenient:) We do need to enjoy fashion on our terms as what we choose to wear can add so much enjoyment to life!

  14. Ooo! I love this! I think it looks great, looks great on you, and fulfills one of my winter clothing goals—that my clothes feel like a warm hug! 😂 I think it’s the wrap part that does it. I hope you still have it and wear it!

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