A wrap jumper or a pinafore?



When I think Fall, I think, it’s ‘jumper’ weather! To me, a jumper is a sleeveless dress that’s meant to be worn over a shirt or blouse. But to my UK friends, ‘jumper’ means a sweater. Maybe, it’s less confusing to call my new make ‘a wrap dress that I am wearing over a shirt’.

This dress is one of my favorite styles because it’s wrapped. To me ‘wrap’ means comfortable, but what I really love about the style is that it’s so flattering. A wrap dress is considered to be perfect for any figure type because it defines your waist (especially nice for those of us who don’t have a waist). Wrap styles are perfect at any age, and you can wear them dressed up or dressed down.


My sleeveless wrap dress is McCall’s 6884.

The bodice of my ‘jumper’ is view B (without the gathered front), and the sleeves are view D. I eliminated the tie and made a mock closer with three buttons, arranged assymetrically across the wrap.The fabric is black ponte knit that has moderate stretch from my stash.

Under my jumper, I’m wearing a new button-down shirt, Butterick 5526.


This pattern in a new favorite. I made View D, but used the sleeve tabs from View A for the days when long sleeves are just too much. I chose View D because it has princess seams which makes the fit perfectly tapered. This makes the shirt easy to wear either loose, or tucked in.The fit of this pattern seems a bit snug to me through the waist, so I cut a size up from my usual.

As fitted shirts go, this pattern is pretty straightforward, and the instructions are great. But, it did take a bit of time to complete. From cut to finish, this project clocked in at four and half hours. (BTW, I finished the seams with my serger rather than constructing french seams. If you’re going to do that, add another hour (LOL).

Princess seams are my FAVORITE. Who can resist that tapered shape? The fabric I used is 100% cotton that I found in the quilting department of Joann’s. Honestly, there are bargains to be had there! I paid $5.99 a yard for this perfect pring. The colors go with everything in my closet.

A friend who is very ‘fashion forward’ wears her wrap jumper open as a long vest. Yes, I love to throw long vests over everything, so thought I’d give it a try, but I’m not sure….

Hmmm, probably not….? 

Here’s to Fall fashion; to jumpers and skirt and coats…all my favorite things to sew! What would you call this make; a jumper, a pinafore, or a sleeveless dress?  Would you ever wear it open as a vest?

Happy sewing, and thanks for stopping by!



23 thoughts on “A wrap jumper or a pinafore?

  1. I don’t think I have see that jumper pattern/wrap dress pattern before. Very cute and clever. You have the whole outfit with the perfect shirt underneath. I like it as a vest too, but I guess that depends on how it feels to have all that fabric hanging in the front like that – whatever you are comfortable with, for sure!

  2. Very cute! Down here in NZ I think it would fall into “pinafore” when closed, “vest” when open. Love it open too – do it!!
    And just to throw the cat among the pigeons, I don’t like princess seams – on myself – at all! I don’t have enough shape. Love me a straight cut with some bog standard darts! 😉

    1. So glad you like my pinafore:) thanks for the thumbs up on the vest too. There’s nothing like positive feedback to push you to new wardrobe choices. Ah, so princess seams aren’t the dream option for everyone?!? Love a bit of controversy:)

  3. Nice jumper/wrap dress/vest. It’s a multi garment! As a vest it has an air of effortless elegance, as a dress it’s absolutely lovely, and to me the brilliance of using buttons instead of ties ia that you can use it as both. If you’re not too to happy with the vest look, try it over tights or some “soft” trousers instead of jeans? Like an open sleeveless tunic.

  4. How cute! I love a jumper! I was just down in my basement doing laundry and decided to peruse some of my vintage pattern magazines circa 1960s. Jumper looks were everywhere and I thought…hmmm why don’t we wear more jumpers. And then I saw your post! Looks great on you by the way! I think I have the blouse pattern and should give it a go. I’ve never made a princess line blouse before and yours has me interested in the fit. Great inspiration!

  5. This is so cute, the jumper and the blouse. I have made that blouse pattern before and thanks for the reminder, I need to revisit it, such a good one.

    Yea to finishing your seams with a serger, me too! I want fast and clean and then I can move onto my next project.

    1. Thanks! I’m so in love with my server. It makes me look so good:) yes this pattern is moving to my favorites pile so that I don’t lose track of it again for another couple of years.

  6. I’m loving you wrap jumper, usually I see wrap dresses in light weight jersey and the clingyness really put me off due to my podgy midriff but seeing this one in ponte has changed my mind, it looks amazing on, you’ve styled it so well and your shirt is great too.

  7. I like pinafore dresses and really anything that is sleeveless that goes over other things (including tank tops and sleeveless or short sleeved jackets). The layered look allows a range of colours and fabrics which is creative and fun. Nice work.

  8. I love the closure on this–kind of unusual for both a wrap or a jumper, making it really cool. I always thought pinafores buttoned at the shoulders, so I’d call it a wrap jumper. Either way it’s a great style. I’m excited to jump into this whole jumper trend after my jacquard jumper. They’re so easy to wear and layer for cooler weather.

    1. Thanks! Figuring out the closure was my favorite part of the process. There definitely will be another jumper in my future too. I’ll watch for yours. I’m sure it will be fun!

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