A Sparkle Tweed Coat for Spring


img_2982-2I didn’t know I was a fan of sparkle tweed until I saw this Kate Spade coat. njmu7301-black-d7d16d49

In person, this tweed is gorgeous, and when I saw the coat at Saks I became a serious fan. I love how Kate Spade designs clothes that feel vintage yet fresh. And those shoes…!!

img_3014The photo above shows my coat buttoned up all the way like the  Kate Spade version, but I think I like it unbuttoned better.


I found my sparkle tweed at Mill End Store last fall. It’s a wool blend that’s warm but lightweight enough for Spring, perfect for my Kate Spade knock off. The pattern I used is Butterick 5468, an older fast and easy pattern that could be a good starting point if you’ve never made a coat before. It isn’t in print anymore, but it’s available on Etsy and Ebay. It’s such a basic style, you could probably substitute B6107 or B6385 and get the same look.


I love the in-seam pockets on the longer versions of this coat.


I modified the pattern by lengthening the sleeves to full length. The Kate Spade sleeves are 3/4 length which is really cute, but less than practical in blustery Oregon. I also fully lined the coat, even though the pattern doesn’t call for it. I added a double faced tie at the waist too.

It’s an easy pattern, without alot of bells and whistles which is perfect for highlighting a special fabric like mine. As usual, the biggest challenge was the plaid matching. Grrr. I had to cut the sleeves twice to get them right. Fortunately, I had extra fabric, a rarity for me!


I like the fact that this coat looks manish and boxy without a belt but more feminine and retro with one. Two looks from one pattern, Yay!


img_2951What do you think, belted and girlish or unbelted and mannish? The Kate Spade version is a little fuller below the waist, I think, and the shorter sleeves have a bit more of a bell shape. Next time??? I think my version is close enough to enjoy, and reasonably priced as well (LOL).

In spite of the fact that it’s cold here, with the threat of snow in the forecast, I am happily transitioning into Spring sewing. I’ve organized my stash of linen and cotton and will be working on those sorts of projects going forward.  Out with the wools, in with the linens!! Have you transitioned into Spring?

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!


22 thoughts on “A Sparkle Tweed Coat for Spring

  1. Sparkle tweed!!! Love it! You are inspiring me to attempt my own coat someday…. I like it belted but I always prefer waist definition when possible. You look good in it either way. : )

  2. I love tweed and the sparkle in it makes it extra special. You’ve got a lovely fabric there! Nice pattern choice. Anything that avoids buttons and buttonholes is so much easier. I’m not organized enough to sew for the season. I have a few things I want and whenever I get to them they are done – usually not during the appropriate season. And may I save this for DESIGNIN’ DECEMBER? You did after all copy a Kate Spade original? Perfectly, I might add!

    1. Thanks so much! It’s a great pattern, to bad it’s out of print. Who knows how they make these decisions! Yes, I tend to sew to my mood, but my stash is so unwieldy I must try a new approach. Of course you can save this for designin’ December!

  3. Fab coat, great fabric, I didn’t know you could sparkle tweed, it looks so lovely both ways (those shoes are gorgeous too)

    1. Thanks! I didn’t know you could sparkle tweed either until I saw the Kate Spade coat. How lucky was I to find a similar fabric on the store! The god news is that this sparkle tweed isn’t too dressy. I think I’ll be able to wear it with everything

  4. Your fabric is gorgeous! You’ve made such a good job on this. I think matching all those checks would have done my head in!

    1. Thanks! The plaid matching was a bit of a challenge:) especially since I was pretty wrapped up in the Gilmore girls while I was laying it out. When I bought the fabric I didn’t think past the sparkle factor to the fact that plaid matching would be involved…true love, I guess!

  5. The sparkle tweed makes it, and I think you could go with or without the belt. The belt does add a little more polish and feminine flair. When I first saw this, I immediately thought more like Kate Middleton. Then I made the mistake of searching for pictures of the Duchess wearing a tweed coat…good grief, as if I don’t have enough jacket ideas in my head to outlive me! Here’s a good one though: http://evoke.ie/style/fashion-fix/kate-middleton-manchester

    1. Wow, that Erdem coat on Kate is stunning. Thank-you for my new obsession:) that fabric is incredible. I agree with you about the belt. So far, that’s the only way I’ve worn the Sparkle coat.

  6. Really classy looking coat! I like it with the belt and without. You are so right about coats being satisfying. Jackets too! I’ll check out that Kate Middleton link posted above by Elizabeth. Kate always wears great looking coats. Thanks for posting!

    1. Thanks so much! Kate Middleton is definitely the queen of coats and the link Elizabeth posted is evidence of that. I’m always looking for excuses to make another and she’s so inspiring, just might have to do a Kate Middleton inspired version next.

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