McCalls 7333- An Easy Jacket for Raking Leaves


Hi All…..It’s leaf-raking time here in Oregon, a task that requires a specialized wardrobe, don’t you think? Well, here they are, piling up on the deck.


Yet, I do not have a rake in my hand. But, if I do decide to grab one, I’ll be dressed for it! As you can see, the rainy season is upon us here in Oregon, making outside photos a challenge. I just managed to sneak one in before the rain and wind started. Good thing I chose a jacket pattern with a hood. It will come in handy in the weeks ahead.

My inspiration for this jacket was this poncho from Anthropology. I tried it on and LOVED the fit, the fleece, the tie front and the big sleeves, but didn’t love the color or the fact that it didn’t have a hood.


So, I grabbed a heavy knit in my stash and made McCalls 7333. That’s the beauty of sewing isn’t it, the ability to get what you want? This pattern is a fun sew, a loose-fitting, unlined jacket that has a front that extends to the hood and drop shoulders, which I really love. The waist is enhanced with a tie that you can cinch as tight as you want. This style is perfect for those of us who are ‘waist-challenged’ because we can fake what we  don’t have!  You can make it out of a variety of fabrics, including lace.

I chose a stable knit from my stash that’s pinstriped. It’s more like fleece but you could probably make this pattern out of cotton or wool too. Here’s a shot of the cinched waist from the back.


For contrast, I used a gray quilted cotton knit for the hood lining and front band.Because my knit was double faced, the jacket is VERY warm, so I didn’t need to line it. The pattern is very straightforward with great instructions. The tie waist is a cord that is encased in fabric, which sounds harder than it is. To construct the casing, you merely sew a long piece of fabric to the outside. The challenge of this pattern for me, was managing the thick fabric. It was a bit tricky gettting the sleeves in smoothly because the fabric wanted to bunch, but after a few tries, I managed. I serged the seams for a nice finish.



Oh, and the jacket has pockets too, great for long walks on crisp days. The navy pinstripe is better on me than the bright orange-y red of the Anthro. jacket. And I’m calling my jacket an on-trend make (LOL) since pinstripes are all the rage this Fall. So nice to finish this warm, little jacket before the monsoons start.

The Pattern Review Surprise Sewing Bee is on right now, lots of fun makes to see there, and Froctober is happening on the Monthly Stitch. There’s so much going on in our sewing community in the Fall. There’s no shortage of inspiration to be found! I didn’t participate in the Sewing Bee this year, but I do try to keep up with the Monthly Stitch challenges, although I have missed a few lately. Still, I love seeing everyone’s posts over there. If you haven’t, you should really take a peek. Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!


20 thoughts on “McCalls 7333- An Easy Jacket for Raking Leaves

  1. Super jacket, the hood is great and love the cinched in waist, it looks so easy to throw on when going out. This has been added to my ever growing want to make list.

  2. Can you believe leaf-raking weather is already here? I like your version of this jacket much more than the version the model is wearing on the pattern envelope. A lace jacket over a pink t-shirt and jeans is just . . . weird. Who styles these models?! Your version is much more practical. Good job, girl!

    1. Thanks! It’s cold and rainy here and I would be bummed if it wasn’t sooooo great for sewing. Yeah, the envelope photo is a bit weird:) sometimes it’s hard to see past that to the possibilitiesdecent pattern!

      1. Not sure what happened on that last sentence :). I meant to say that it’s hard to see that it’s a decent pattern with lots of possibilities when there’s a horrid photo on the pattern envelope.

  3. Your jacket looks so cozy I’m quite jealous! I like the Anthropology version too. I can see why you were inspired by it. How brilliant that you went and made it, and made it better!

  4. This is just about the most stylish raking the leaves outfit I could think of. The quilted knit looks like its so cozy and warm to wear. I’ll have to keep this pattern in mind the next time we visit my in-laws in Eureka, CA.

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