Remnant Busting Tops Inspired by Anthro

Peplum tops are still in style! I swear it’s true. Just when I thought they were ‘out’, Anthropologie added a category under ‘tops’ called ‘peplums and swing tops’. That’s where I found this inspiring photo.4112368730007_041_b2

What caught my eye was the fact that the bodice fabric did not match the peplum. In fact, it’s not even in the same color family. So easy, and cute! That photo inspired me to dig through my remnant stash.


This one has a sweatshirt fleece bodice and a cotton jersey sleeve with a rayon jersey peplum. As luck would have it, the black dye used in those two mismatched jerseys was a close match. I used some random black ribbing in my stash for the neck. I managed to squeeze the bodice out of a little over a half yard.


This off-white version is a ponte knit bodice with a ribbed knit skirt, cuffs and neck. I made it specifically to go under this cardigan sweater (posted here) which matches the boots I bought in Spain this summer. IMG_3682

The pattern is one I’ve made before, Vogue 9056. It’s a pretty quick make ( a couple of hours if you’re comfortable with sewing tops).  I modified it as follows – –

  • Added 4″ in length to the bodice (it’s still pretty cropped),
  • Added a 3″wide neck band at the neck.
  • Added 4 ” ribbed cuffs on the off white version.
  • Raised the neck opening by 2 inches (it was just too wide on me.) IMG_3835

It’s hard to see in all the photos, but an interesting thing happened when I stretched the ribbing to attach the skirt to the off-white ponte knit bodice. It had an interesting effect on the ribbing that makes the stripes look sort of….artsy?  It was an accident but I like how it looks, although I do think I prefer the black version.


Remnants are something that most sewers have a philosophy about. I have rules about mine. If I have a piece that is 1/2 yard or more when I finish a project, and I really love it, I’ll keep it for one year. If it’s still around at that point, it goes to the donation bin.  I have alot of remnants right now though, so not sure if my rule is working (LOL!!). I’m curious how others manage their remnants – toss or keep?

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!

22 thoughts on “Remnant Busting Tops Inspired by Anthro

  1. You have a great eye for design. Love the peplums. What is the cardigan pattern shown in this post? The link doesn’t seem to work….

    1. Thanks for the lovely compliment. I will go in and try to fix the cardigan link. Thanks for the heads up . It’s mccalls 7476. I love it so much I have another one in my cutting table now!

  2. Ooh, what a great silhouette on you! I prefer your deeper peplums the Anthro version. Really flattering, and I like the two-tone effect a lot. What a great way to use up leftover pieces of fabric…I’m off to hunt through my stash…

  3. Cute tops! Hey, could you please share the link to your McCalls 7476 cardigan post? I saw it on pinterest but I can’t find it on your site because I can’t find your search bar. I would love to read your post about it, though!

  4. Hi Elle!
    I really like your black and gray top. The cardi is beautiful! I don’t have a lot of remnant pieces because I try to use my fabrics ASAP. Mainly due to the fact that I do not have a lot of space for tons of it. Great post. Be blessed.

    1. Thank-you! I admire your strategy to use your fabrics right away. My stash does take up a fair amount of space! I really enjoy that cardi. I have another one in process right now as it’s cardi season here in Oregon.

  5. Yours are way cuter than the Anthro top! I like the longer length on the peplum and the dark gray + black is a chic combo. I think you’re right about the wavy effect on the ribbing–it’s really interesting in an unexpected kind of way. I definitely hang onto remnants for far too long, but they’re also freely available to any and all. My Mom always had a big scrap bag, and diving through it to pull out treasures and consider the possibilities was always one of my favorite things to do as a kid. I do feel differently about the bigger pieces in my stash fabric. If something has been hanging around for 2+ years, I say it’s fair game to rip, alter, fringe, dye or whatever. I figure if I’ve kept it that long I either lost the plot somewhere or didn’t like it that much.

    1. Thank-you! I love that your remnants are available to your family. Your story reminded me of a similar pass-time for me as a kid. My grandmother made quilts and her scraps were our doll clothes and flags and we made a huge mess when we’d play in her room. I love your idea that anything over two years is fair game. I have a few older pieces in my stash that could use a die job!

  6. These are such great stash-busters! (And you are single-handedly inspiring me to make a winter white knit top or dress this season–it will happen!!) And you look great in a peplum, so I’m glad you were able to hit that trend again with some remnants. I am always conflicted about those bigger pieces!! Last night I cut out a top from some striped bamboo jersey and have about 1/2 yard of 58″ wide fabric left; it’s just enough to save but not enough to actually *make* anything out of, grrrrr. I’ll have to get creative like you and try to colorblock something with it (although colorblocking with stripes…hmmm, that sounds tough)! 😀

    1. I am a peplum fanatic…not sure why, some dark thing in my past I suspect. I can’t wait to see your white knit creation this season. Color-blocking with stripes sounds challenging but very cool. I know…it’s the 1/2yard pieces that are so hard to part with. If they’re a knit, maybe sleeves of a tee?

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