McCall’s 7501: Two versions

Hi all! I’m back with two versions of a McCall’s 7501, both made with fabrics from my stash (YAY!). When I first saw this pattern, I knew it had to be mine. I love the drama of a wide collar. It has a vintage vibe I love.


My  first version is made from a textured sweater knit with moderate stretch. Unfortunately, I didn’t have quite enough for a dress, but this sweater knit has a loose weave that’s probably better suited for a tunic top anyway.

img_2756The collar is designed so that it fits very neatly on your shoulder, which makes this so comfortable to wear. On me, it’s a teeny bit off the shoulder, which I love! Because the sweater knit is an open weave, I’m wearing it here with a tee under it because, baby it’s cold outside. When the weather warms up though, this will be the perfect spring sweater.

Version two is a Little Black Dress, made from ponte knit. I have a special ‘dress-up’ event coming up this weekend, so I couldn’t resist making a version out of a dressy ponte knit I had in my stash. It’s really thick and yummy, embossed with a design that looks like velvet.



It’s so hard to take photos of a black dress, so I hope you can see the cool design on this knit. Even though this dress is close fitting, this stretchy knit makes it comfortable to wear. If my husband wanted to dance (ha), I could! There aren’t any darts, and the sleeves are raglan, so this is an easy sew. Even though the pattern doesn’t call for lining, I did line my dress with a lightweight black stretch satin so that it won’t cling when I walk. The collar is supposed to be faced, but my knit was so thick I just turned the edges under of a single layer of fabric.


I think the body and weight of this fabric is perfect for this dress, so I’d definitely recommend chosing a similiar ponte knit. It has nice crosswise stretch, which helps the collar to cup over the shoulder. I don’t think a ponte without some give would work as well.

I love my new top and dress. They’re both comfortable, but fitted, which is a great combination.

I’ve become such a fan of making two versions of the same pattern one right after the other. It’s such an efficient way to go, because the second time is so easy and fast. I wonder why I don’t do that all the time (?), especially when I find a pattern I love. Of course, it’s a bit of an assembly-line approach to sewing, but that didn’t seem to diminish the fun factor for me. Maybe some of you are wondering why I just came to this method because you’ve been sewing this way for years! Would love to hear any and all opinions.

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!


20 thoughts on “McCall’s 7501: Two versions

    1. Thanks!! I’m such a huge fan of separates too, and I’ll probably wear the top more than the dress, since dressing up is somewhat uncommon around here! The dress is stretchy though so I can sing in it, not always easy to find in a cocktail style dress.

  1. I love the sweater knit fabric. So warm looking! I can see the pattern on your dress and you look very elegant! I do the assembly line thing when sewing pants or simple tops when I want to add some to my wardrobe. But it sure makes the second garment come together fast when you do it that way!

    1. Thanks! I’m wearing the dress to a event tonight, I hope it’s as comfortable after a few hours of eating and drinking as it was while I was taking photos. Sewing pants assembly line style sounds great to me! I’m not wild about the whole process, so knowing I have two pairs to wear at the end would be a good motivator.

  2. I love both versions and I think they look great on you! I usually don’t sew up multiple views of a pattern at once. Instead, I sew up one view and that I may return to that pattern a year or so later to try it again. The second time is always easier because you already have your pieces cut out and you can learn from your past mistakes. The only pattern I’ve made twice in a short period of time is everybody’s favorite sweater dress: McCalls 6886, because it’s so freaking easy.

    1. Thanks, Carmen! I must be the only person in the sewing universe who hasn’t made McCalls 6886. I’m going to have to give it a shot, maybe two times :).I’ve used the same approach as you with my tried and trues, making them again within about a year, and I agree with you…it’s so much easier and faster the second time. With my next button up shirt, I might experiment and do two at one time. It will be interesting to see if it’s more or less satisfying.

  3. Wow! I love the top and the dress! You never cease to amaze me on how you have such a good eye for special details. The big cape style collar is so flattering. Not to mention you’ve got some really great stuff in your stash! If I were on the west coast rather than the east coast, I’d be heading to your house for a raid! You’ll dazzle everyone tonight! Have fun!

    1. Thanks so much! I can now say that it was as fun to wear the dress as it was to sew. The way I’m feeling about the size of my stash these days, I’d welcome a raid! Come on over:)

  4. This is ponte? Wow! It totally looks like a burnout velvet. I love how you offset the pattern on the collar from the front; it makes for a nice subtle contrast. This pattern reminds me of one that was in the winter MyImage issue. The cape/collar really makes for an elegant dress.

    1. I thought the same thing when I bought it! It has just enough stretch to be comfortable, which makes the collar gently hug the shoulders. I’ll have to check out the My Image version. I seem to be into statement collars lately!

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