Linen Tablecoth Top for #scarfrefashion and #so50vintage


I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram, I must admit. I love seeing everyone’s makes but I find the limitations imposed by the IG algorithm to be so frustrating. Sometimes, my feed is so edited by Instagram, I don’t see the content I choose. Nevertheless, as you all know, I do love a good sewing challenge and Instagram is full of them! So, I will stop complaining and get on with it….:)


This linen top (a bit wrinkled having just been worn) was inspired by two sewing challenges on Instagram: the #scarfrefashion challenge (includes tablecloths too) sponsored by @sewstoney and @sewdalaridada, and the #so50vintagechallenge. I happened upon a vintage linen tablecoth with beautiful cut work and mitred corners at a estate sale. I’ve made tops from tablecloths before (here and here) so I knew this one was perfect for a top. I couldn’t resist giving the challenge a whirl.

With a little over a yard of fabric to work with, my style options were a bit limited. After perusing my extensive (!!) pattern stash, I came upon Simplicity 8090, a pattern from 2016 that has all sorts of possibilities.

I chose view C because it doesn’t take alot of fabric and it’s cropped, which allowed me to use the finished edges of the tablecloth as the hem for the top.

The pattern was so easy to sew. The sleeves went in perfectly. The front placket was really easy because I used the finished edge of the tablecloth for that. I only made one modification – I added a collar stand.

I do love the french darts on this top. They look so crisp in linen.


This top has a seam down the back so I positioned the bodice pieces so that the tablecloth’s cut detailing would be on either side of the seam. I cut the sleeves to use the tablecloth detailing and hem too.


The inside of the shirt looks fabulous because the hem of the tablecloth finished all the seams for me, LOL!!

All in all, it was a fun project, and I’m pleased with how it turned out. The biggest challenge was the laying out the pattern properly, of course, but the extra time involved was worth it.  I do love the boxy cut of this top and know I’ll use this pattern again. Vintage linen is so lovely to work with, I’ll never be able to resist an old tablecoth again!


Are you taking on any sewing challenges this summer? Let me know so I don’t miss it! I love seeing everyone’s makes….

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!

15 thoughts on “Linen Tablecoth Top for #scarfrefashion and #so50vintage

  1. Oh my gosh I absolutely love this! And tablecloth linen is always a nicer linen, in my opinion. Well done!

    1. Thanks, Linda! Yes, there are a lot of sad tablecloths out there that were likely lovely in their day. I was lucky to find this one that was in beautiful condition and stain free, a mist-have!

  2. Beautiful top using the details of the tablecloth to full advantage. Especially love that eye-catching back bodice.

    1. Thanks, Catherine! I was so fortunate that this tablecloth was in excellent shape…and the weight of the linen was perfect! Such a rare estate sale find!

  3. Goodness, I love this so much! Particularly what you did with those beautiful borders. And what a cute pattern that you used. I love all of the different different design options.

    1. Thanks, Diane. It was so fun to work with those borders and I was so fortunate to find this perfect (yet long ignored) pattern in my stash. To think I’d been considering whittling down my collection.. I might have missed this hidden jewel!

  4. The way you’ve positioned the details is fabulous, and it looks like an expensive vintage designer piece, a proper garment. So clever! I’ve only just seen this after a week away visiting family, when my aunt gave me some beautiful white on white table linen made by my grandmother. Thanks for convincing me some of it could make a beautiful top, instead of being stored away. Su

  5. I saw this on IG a while ago and completely fell in love! This is such a great pairing between the fabric and the pattern. Plus it’s reclaimed fabric, so totally up my street sustainability-wise! A massive well done!

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