Two Tops with a Difference from Burda Style

I have always looked forward to each issue of Burda Style, but the inspiration I’ve found in the last couple of issues has been amazing. The March issue had so many options I wanted to explore, I abandoned my other sewing projects in favor of a bit of quick gratification. Here are some of the items in the March issue that I found especially appealing.

BeFunky-collageI love (!!) the two mint green jackets. I’m sure you’ll see a few from this collection here over the next few months!

To start though, I focussed on two tops that looked simple but satisfying. The first (3/2019, 112) has assymmetrical gathering in the front, a challenge that looked stylish and comfortable.

You can see from the drawing, that there are some interesting seams and gathers involved. There was no way I could resist this pattern! From the photo above, it looks like the pattern is made from a knit, but it’s actually for wovens. I noticed that this pattern is also available in the Burda pattern book so if you want to avoid the ordeal of tracing this one, hurry down to Joann’s and it will be yours.


Construction challenges: The difficulty rating Burda gives this pattern is three dots (intermediate). At first glance, I couldn’t imagine why, but it was a bit of challenge. To make life easy for yourself, choose a lightweight fabric with a good amount of drape (I chose rayon). Then, cut out and mark the pattern carefully, paying close attention to the placement of the gathers. If you add gathers where there aren’t supposed to be any (even just a bit!), the front will not hang correctly. Trust me, I found out the hard way, LOL. My rayon is really lovely with a drape that reminds me of silk. But it does not like to be unpicked. So, when I extended the gathers a bit too far, it wasn’t fun correcting my mistake. But I love the assyemtrical gathering here – so worth it!

IMG_3933 2

My second make (3/2019/104) is pretty straightforward. It also requires a fabric with good drape (in my opinion), although Burda recommends cotton shirting for one version of this pattern.


Well, when I saw the drop shoulders and the big gathered sleeves, it was all over for me:). There weren’t too many challenges here. I cut my usual size but was amazed at how large the neck opening was. Since I have narrow shoulders, I knew that would be a disaster, so I took out 5/8 inch at the center back to correct this. I’m so glad I did, because as you can see, it is still a generous neck-line. I used a rayon that’s almost a gauze, and finished all seams with my serger. I absolutely love these sleeves and they weren’t difficult at all. You just gather the fullness into some cuffs and call it good.



I’d love to try this in another more colorful fabric for spring, maybe a rayon batik or a double gauze. I was very tempted to head to the fabric store after I completed this version, but fought the urge as I’m trying to sew from my stash. My rule this year is for every three pieces I use in my stash, I can buy one. So, eventually, I will be shopping again!

I’m happy with both of my tops – – they were well worth the time it took to trace the patterns from the magazine insert. Perhaps these two successes are a sign from the universe that my wish-list from the issue should be fully pursued!

#So50visible Instagram Challenge: However, my love for Burda these days does not change the fact that I am less than pleased at their blatent disregard for the sewist who is over 50. Of course, they are not the only company who chooses to ignore us. The Big Four are no better. Have you seen the #So50Visible challenge on Instagram? When you look at pattern catalogs/magazines, it is rare to see a model that is over 50. This is so disheartening to those of us who have supported the Big Four companies for so many years. We’re a huge part of the sewing community and the market – we cannot be ignored. So, find a pattern that features a over 50 model, make it and post it to celebrate how wonderful we all are no matter what our age. I’ll be participating in the  challenge and hope you will join me, no matter what your age.

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!


16 thoughts on “Two Tops with a Difference from Burda Style

  1. These are lovely styles! It’s nice to see something different than the usual. I do love the red fabric. Nicely done with both of them, even through a small setback! I’ll be doing the #so50visible Challenge too! Looking forward to seeing what you make!

    1. Thanks, Linda! Yes, the Burda Style tops are a welcome change from the usual fare! I look forward to seeing your #so50visible too. I hope the pattern companies are taking notice…

  2. It’s lovely to see both of these tops made up. I’m very tempted by the one that ties across the front.
    Ooh and PS…I’ve been one of the Burda influencer team since last May and I’m over 50… And I believe my fellow influencer member Sharon of Sharon Sews is of a certain age too 🙂 Maybe we should be in the magazines, lol!

    1. Yes the top that ties in the front is definitely a pattern I’ll make again. I think the sleeve detail really makes it a nice combination of unique and basic. Oh, I’m glad Burda has influencers that are over 50. Yes, they should put you in the magazine…the first models over 50. I actually think it’s a fabulous idea!

  3. Love you posts…..I will check out the over50 challenge. I salute your efforts to sew from stash. I find my sew jo is stimulated by a few (not too many) great fabrics. Then it’s much more fun to shop for more… regrets for being too impusivve.

    1. Thanks, Sheila! I think in the future (when my stash is a bit smaller:) I’ll try to adopt your strategy. I agree that there’s a nice synergy between shopping for fabric for a project and sew-jo. Also, it would be nice to shop with less guilt, LOL!

  4. I love both tops, but I have to try the one with gathers! I thought it was for knits also. Thanks for the suggestion for the type of woven fabric to use.

  5. Love both your makes! And I think you’ll love April’s Burda too – not only do they have some cracking pattern, but many are modelled on a gorgeous looking grey-haired lady who’s definitely over 50. They seem to be getting the message!

    1. Yay! So glad to hear there is someone in that issue that’s gone grey! And I can’t wait to see the lovely designs too! I’m guessing my copy will arrive next week, fingers crossed,,,

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