Three Versions – Simplicity Waist-Tie Top

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Packing for a trip always points out the flaws in your wardrobe, don’t you think? A planned visit to the already muggy east coast made me realize – I have very few easy-to- wear, easy-to-pack tops that are humidity friendly.

Enter Simplicity 8601 – – An ‘easy-to-sew’ top with lots of variations.


Version 1; Rayon

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This lovely batik rayon was purchased last Spring (Millendstore). I used some of it for this dress last spring. This rayon has a lovely, soft drape, so even though I was short a quarter of a yard, I worked hard to squeeze this 3/4 sleeve top from it. I was really lucky it worked because the drape of rayon is so perfect for this style!

One thing to note about this pattern – – It has a seam down the front, a necessity because of the tie at the waist. Stripes, plaids etc need to be positioned strategically. Even though this rayon has a polka dot print, it’s a batik with a noticeable pattern to it so I had to do some strategic matching around that front seam.

I loved this top right away! Encouraged by the immediate gratification this pattern offered, I pressed on and sewed a few more…..

Version two: Medium weight cotton


This is View A with bell sleeves, the perfect shape for layering under sweaters.  I was a bit concerned that the stiffness of this Cotton and Steel print would be a bit much for the waist tie…but it worked! Not only is this medium weight cotton great  in humid weather, it supports the shape of these sleeves.

Version 3; Cotton Double GauzeIMG_1337

When the weather is a bit sticky, double gauze always makes me feel great, so I just had to use a cotton gauze remnant in my stash for version B. I am so glad I did! There’s a reason people use double gauze for baby blankets – it’s so soft.  Wearing this top is like wearing pajamas, which makes me wonder…..Why don’t I make everything out of double gauze?

I’m pleased with all three versions so Simplicity 8601 so it gets a big thumbs up from me. I have plans to make View D as well (flutter sleeves) and who knows what else I might whip up.  From start to finish each version of this top took only two hours to sew – – a perfect saturday or evening project. The instructions are great and the fabric options that work with this pattern are endless. I have some linen I will use for a flutter sleeve version. I will likely make a flannel version in the fall.




IMG_1234 2

I was pleased to see several similar RTW tops at Anthropologie last week with a waist tie, so give this look a try. What version do you like best? Have you ever made a top from double gauze?

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!

21 thoughts on “Three Versions – Simplicity Waist-Tie Top

  1. I like all of them, but I think the version with the tie sleeves in rayon is my favorite. Although if I made it, I am sure I would drag those sleeve ties into everything, but I love the look!

    1. Ha – yes sleeve ties do have a way of slipping into things, don’t they? They’re surprisingly easy to sew though! I do love the look too!

  2. Yep, all three look excellent on you 🙂 It was very interesting to see how the pattern worked in the three different fabrics, thanks for that.

  3. I love all your tops too! I remember when I started sewing in the early ’70’s Simplicity was always my favourite pattern company and they seem to lately going to through a Renaissance with some really fashion forward styles, great instructions and some interesting designers joining as well. This is a winner for sure!! I’m tempted to buy it but honestly if you saw my pattern collection you’d roll your eyes in horror at the thought 🙂

    1. Ha!! Simplicity patterns was my go-to years ago, and I feel like they’re back! In my opinion, This is a good one, no matter how large your pattern collection.:)

  4. These are great! I like the way you make several differing versions of a pattern straightaway. My favorite is the double gauze short sleeved one. I have never sewn with double gauze, but it’s on my list of things I want to try.

    1. Thank-you! Double gauze is one of my new favorites to wear! BTW, I finished seams with my serger to keep it from unraveling, although this double gauze is woven pretty tightly. I hope you like it too!

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