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Hi all! I’m back from my travels, and, I’m happy to report, my travel wardrobe was put to good use. I’m now a big fan of the Danube, and my travels there were relaxing but inspirational too. So many of the communities along its shore have a rich history of handmade garments. Everywhere I looked there was something beautiful to see and enjoy.

In fact, a garment I spotted on the trip prompted the title for this week’s post: Kimono Love. This is a handmande child’s kimono from Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam (if you have a chance to visit this extraordinary museum, take it.) I could have stared at this all day.


Another favorite:


And here’s mine. Ha, not quite in the same league, but we do what we can!


For this kimono, I used Simplicity 1318, a tried and true pattern I’ve made before (here) that’s so easy to sew!


Because I knew it was a sure thing, I splurged and used silk. It’s a fabulous piece I found at Fabric Depot last Spring (gone now, sigh). For the front band, I used a silk in a solid contrasting gray. This is an unlined pattern, so I finished all the seams with my serger, but it would be lovely with french seams too.


This kimono is a breeze to sew because the pattern has very few pieces. The style is loose and unstructured, so you don’t have to fuss with fit issues. The best fabrics for this are wovens with great drape, like this silk. Last summer, I made it from a sheer cotton which worked almost as well. I think a lightweight rayon would be great too, but really! Splurge and buy some silk! It’s so fabulous to wear and you deserve it :). I did prewash this silk, by the way, on the gentle cycle with some deteregent meant for lingerie. This made the fabric less slippery, and easier to cut and sew.


I love the shape of this kimono and the high-low hem. This pattern must be a favorite of many of you, because it was one of the best loved patterns on Pattern Review for 2015.If you have a chance, take a look at the versions posted there. There are so many beauties! You’ll be glad you did.

My trip was fabulous, a much needed break, and I enjoyed the time I spent ‘unplugged’. But I missed visiting your blogs and chatting with all of you about your makes. I’ll be perusing all of your websites, catching up on things this week. I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by.

23 thoughts on “Simplicity 1318 Kimono Love

  1. Really pretty! I’m alway looking for a loose topper that is stylish. I think this pattern fits the bill. Looking forward to seeing your new travel buys!

    1. Thanks! Yes, my plan is to wear this with jeans when I go out for a casual evening. In fact I’m doing so tonight. I love my travel buys, but am a bit worried I love them so much, I won’t be able to cut into them:)

  2. Really lovely and beautiful fabric, I love the flowiness of kimonos, so glamorous but so easy, perfect!

  3. Welcome back! I am glad you had a good time–I can’t wait to see what you brought home! =) Your fabric choices are always fabulous, and this kimono jacket is no exception. I especially like the contrast bands: they add an extra layer of sophistication and elegance to an already striking silk garment.

    I finally broke down and bought a kimono pattern (Asaka, from Named), though I only intend to wear mine at home. (I’m more of a traditional blazer/jacket girl for going out of the house!) I have no idea what fabric I might use for it and I doubt I have something appropriate in my stash right now (it’s a fabric hog!!), but I am 100% sure I will use something luxe to make it special. 🙂

    1. Thanks! The Asaka pattern is one I looked at,and almost bought. It’s really cute and I can’t wait to see your version. Yeah, kimonos do take ALOT of fabric, but if your stash is like mine, that’s not a problem:). It would be great to lounge around home in, that’s for sure!

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