Two Cozy Knit Dresses for January

This Butterick pattern has shown up on alot of blogs since it was introduced in 2016 and I can see why. It’s fun to sew and to play around with! Since committing to the 2018 Ready-To-Wear Fast, I’ve also been committed to filling some significant holes in my wardrobe. Casual dresses to wear when it’s chilly and damp have topped the list.


This sweater knit ( is perfect for this dress because it’s fairly dense and textured with a moderate crosswise stretch.

In contrast, this stretch terry is also cozy, but it behaves differently since it has less body and no texture, and a bit more stretch.IMG_7218

It’s always interesting to see how different knits can change the look and feel of a pattern! The side seams are an interesting detail of this design and I like how they show up with the contrasting fabric.

I was attracted to Butterick 6388 because of the cozy collar, the side seam detail and the in seam pockets.


It also has a shaped collar that overlaps and a back yoke. To give my striped version a bit of an athletic look, I added a contrasting sleeve band at the dropped shoulder seam before attaching the lower sleeve.


As far as sewing challenges, there were very few with this pattern. After comparing my measurements to the pattern, I concluded I needed a size small and the fit was pretty spot on. I did my usual narrow shoulder adjustment. The in seam pockets were easy to insert and I love how they’re given some definition with top stitching. There’s top stitching at the collar and back yoke too which makes the dress look polished. To insert the curvy back yoke, you do need to do a bit of stretching so making sure your fabric has some cross wise stretch. I also clipped the seams to make this easier. To make sure the collar isn’t floppy, a knit with some body and stability is important. This dress was really a fun, speedy make. I was able to cut and sew it in an afternoon, a plus if you ask me!


Both of these knits were so nice to work with! High quality knits are always worth the extra money in my opinion, because they’re easy to handle and wear.




I’m not sure which version I like best, but when I wore the textured knit version out last weekend, my friends gave it a big  thumbs up. Which one is your favorite?

The athletic/leisure look is so popular right now, and this dress makes me feel like I’m following the trend, LOL! Obviously, I have a new favorite pattern here. Might have to make the shorter top version too. Do you have a favorite knit dress pattern? Please share!

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!



33 thoughts on “Two Cozy Knit Dresses for January

  1. Such a great pattern Linda. I have a Lekala pattern that bears a striking resemblance and I made it up last year. Such an easy dress to wear, like yours. I really can’t decide which of yours I like best. Both have different vibes and are totally fab. After seeing these, I feel I really should make my pattern up again

    1. I saw that Lekala pattern too and wondered who designed it first because they are so Similar! Knit dresses are the best, don’t you think? I can’t wait to see your version!

  2. You find the coolest knits! I love this pattern too, but made it as the top with no collar. Now I’m tempted to consider the dress – and yay for dresses with pockets!

    1. Thanks! Yes, the knit makes the dress in so many ways! These pockets are especially handy because they’re in that side seam! You should definitely make this….

  3. I like both of them very much. I have this pattern, but I haven’t made it yet. Good to hear that it is a quick sew. These both look very flattering on you! I like your color blocking.

  4. They’re both super cute! I think I’m partial to the sweater knit dress, but again, they’re both great! I can’t believe you’ve made two already! I’m still looking for fabric for my second one.

    1. Thanks! I just happened to have the perfect fabrics in my stash already so once I had one made, I just had to go for the second one too. It’s such a great pattern don’t you think? And it’s so nice to have two new dresses that can keep up with the cold damp January here.

  5. I love the color blocked sleeves. That detail breaks up the all over look and, I think, makes them a little more casual looking. The pattern was a fail for me as it reminded me that I hate high collars and stuff around my neck. I might have to try it again with just an itty bitty collar.

    1. I hear you about collars. I recently had a fail on a different pattern for the same reason….so frustrating! This one doesn’t bother me though because it’s overlapped, I think so it doesn’t ride as high on me. You could probably cut it down a bit to get it to work? Color blocking is one of my favorite things, and I was glad this dress gave me the opportunity!

  6. I love the lines on this dress and the neck is perfect! As soon as I really looked at the neck piece I could imagine using it on all sorts of other patterns I have and I’ve been looking for one just like this for a top where the neck just didn’t turn out right 🙂 I like both versions on you! There was a McCalls knit dress pattern (I forget the number) which one best patterns of 2017 on patternreview that you might like to try next.

    1. Thanks, Kathleen! The collar is definitely a keeper, and I think you are right! It would work on other patterns! The pattern review list is a good one for 2017, so many patterns I must have!

  7. Awesome how the same pattern can look so different if you use different fabrics! Really nice details on this one, cool layering effects. You will sure be cost this January, great makes!!

  8. Awesome how the same pattern can look so different in different fabrics! I love your choices, very lovely layering effect! You’ll sure be cosy this January!

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