Jersey and Fall: Two Variations

There’s nothing like Fall to get the sew-jo going, is there? At this time of year, fabric choices are at their best for me. The color palattes tend to be richer and more intense, which works best with my personal color palatte and there are more knits to choose from too.


This jersey knit is great to wear, but the print is a bit out of my comfort zone.  For one thing, it has alot (!!) of circles all over it, which makes layout a bit tricky around the chest, if you get my drift. And it’s sort of…busy? But I loved the colors, so in a fit of inspiration, I drove back to Fabric Depot and took the plunge. I’m glad I did, because this print goes so well with the long cardigan I made last Spring (here). This cardigan is not a closet orphan, BTW. I wear it all the time.


The dress above is simply a lengthened version of this tunic, made from jersey. IMG_3210

This cotton jersey is so fabulous to wear! And I love this Art Gallery print (Fabric Depot).

I’m such a fan of tunics because they’re so easy to throw on with jeans or leggings. When I finished this tunic, I decided I needed another version, pronto, so I lengthened the pattern by 8 inches and made a dress . The pattern is a new favorite: New Look 6435.

I wasn’t attracted to it at first because I don’t like the way it’s made up on the envelope – I’m not a big fan of the print on the bottom/solid color on the top. Somehow though, the pattern came home with me….

The fit was great without any adjustments, always a plus for me. New Look runs a bit big, so I always cut the smallest size. The shoulders fit me perfectly, even though I’m on the narrow side. It’s a fairly loose fit, so there’s a bit of wiggle room, making this an easy-to fit style for most figures. I modified the sleeves on both my dress and tunic by adding a bell cuff.


Although I love the dramatic look of a big bell cuff, I chose a smaller version here so that the sleeves would fit easily under a cardigan. To add the cuffs, I just cut a seven inch swath of fabric, as wide as 1 1/2 X the width of the sleeve. I seamed it to make a circle, gathered one edge, then inserted it into the sleeves, right sides together.

This was a fast and fun sew and I love a pattern than can have two identities as both a top and a dress. I think this pattern is a winner!

I love how statement sleeves change up a style. But I worry that they’ll go out of fashion quickly and my closet will feel dated. Hmmmm, what do you think of sewing to a trend? Trouble, or true love? Future plans – – I’ve been loving all the denim on the runways this fall, so I’m going to attempt a Maisa jacket (Named clothing) and a Helmi shirt dress to wear with it. Stay tuned! What’s in your queue?

Happy sewing, and thanks for stopping by!


15 thoughts on “Jersey and Fall: Two Variations

  1. I try not to sew to a trend too much but with these sleeves, you can always cut off the bell and make short sleeves. Those garments will live on once the sleeve trend is past.

  2. I am with you on fall prints being the best! These came out great and it looks like you’ll be stylin’ all fall long. 🙂 I am totally digging that dress, btw!

    1. There are lots of ways to learn t sew on line and usually there are classes in fabric stores and community colleges. Give it a go, you’ll love it! Let me know how it goes!

    1. Thanks! The stretchy jersey also made pattern placement harder than I expected. I had to be sure the stretched fabric didn’t go right where I didn’t want it! I still love the fabric though – I’m so fond of the colors!

  3. The tunic length is great on you, and you’re right–perfect fit in the shoulders! I like the dress too–the print is not your usual, but the colors are definitely in your preferred palette and it looks like the portrait of fall with the added cardigan. I think about that too with trends. I suppose you can always take off the cuffs and re-hem the sleeves as the basic lines of both these pieces will never go out of style.

    1. Thanks! I’m really enjoying both makes, although the cuffs make wearing them with cardigans tricky which I didn’t think of when I was making it. That might mean those trendy cuffs come off sooner rather than later. Oh well! Live and learn….

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