McCalls 7314: Burberry knock-off


As you all know, I’ve got a thing for Burberry’s classic designs, and the Spring 2016 collection was one of the best. Being peplum obsessed, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this cute shirt.


Okay, as Burberry prices go, the tag on this one wasn’t totally ridiculous…only $350. Yes, it’s a lot, but I could probably justify a splurge like that if  (1.) I didn’t have a fabric stash worth a small fortune (2.) I didn’t have an expensive shoe thing that is almost as bad as my Burberry obsession and (3.) I could commit to never buying another RTW, or piece of fabric for the rest of the year (ha, we all know that’s not going to happen!)

IMG_1399 (1)

So, a knock off it is!

The fabric: A plaid cotton gauze from Mill End Store. (They take phone orders, BTW. Although there isn’t much of this fabric left I noticed.)

The pattern: McCall’s 7314, a shirt dress pattern with a gathered skirt, elastic waist and sleeve options.

Modifications: I shortened the skirt by twelve inches. I cut my usual size, but made a small adjustment for my narrow shoulders. Other than that, no adjustments. were necessary. The sleeves are shorter on me than they are in the photo, by the way. Be forewarned…if you have long arms, and want 3/4 sleeves, cut them a bit longer.

The skirt on this dress isn’t fitted at all. You add a bit of elastic to the back to make the dress taper at the waist. You can cut the elastic as you wish, so that it’s as fitted (or not) as you want. This makes this top/dress so comfortable!!!

Challenges: Plaid matching! OMG, a nightmare!  I did okay, but I’m not happy with the sleeves. IMG_1421

I wanted them to match perfectly, but they’re a little off. I’d like to blame this on the gauze-y texture of this cotton, rather than on me, but we all know the TRUTH. The cotton is amazing to wear, well worth the effort it took to keep it straight. I have a bit of fabric left over, and might try to recut the sleeves, since I notice this mistake (LOL, you all know how this is!!) I should’ve used more pins and weights to keep it still. The skirt was impossible to line up, a fact I obsessed about until I realized, the Burberry one didn’t look much better. Still, I obsessed. Not perfect, but that’s how it goes.

This shirt is so comfortable! And I love the wide plaid. The cost: This shirt cost me less than $20 to make, since the pattern was on sale at Joann’s, and the fabric was purchased during a 25% off sale at Mill End. Yes, you have to figure in your time, but still….this is a good deal, right? Of course, the Burberry fabric is to die for….if only…


I’d love to have more wide plaids in my stash because I love the look, but can’t seem to find many in the fabric stores. If you have a source, let me know. Another question..should I recut those sleeves? Opinions welcome!

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!




15 thoughts on “McCalls 7314: Burberry knock-off

    1. Thanks! It’s always interesting to try to find the right pattern when you’re trying to copy a design. Having a ridiculously huge pattern stash helps…

  1. this looks great, I like the colours and off course plaid! you did such a good job matching the front, I wish I could do that too as I’m obsessed with matching the print (have not used plaid so far) but most of the time I don’t suceed. I see what you say about the sleeve, If you have the courage you can cut it again, I’m sure you will feel better about it and it is worthy the effort. It’s something thought that is only up to you, I don’t think that people that don’t sew will notice.

    1. Thanks!! I know what you mean about being obsessed with matching. I just cut out a easy top out of a print that has a pattern repeat that a friend told me was impossible for others to see. Still, I spent at least an hour trying to place the pattern pieces just right. As you pointed out, only people who sew notice these things….still…I just might have to take your advice and redo them just because.

    1. Yes! I don’t think sewing always pencils out to save $$ so I’m always thrilled when it does. Yes, by all means use this for Designin’ December . So looking forward I that again this year!

  2. I love this on you, just gorgeous and perfect with those shoes too. Why not just unpick the sleeves and rotate to match? Is it the cutting that’s off or the placement once sewn? I have an incredible wide plaid in the stash, but would this be worthy? Hmmmm…,

    1. Thanks!! I think it’s the cutting that’s off so I need more fabric to recut a new sleeve, I think. I love wide plaids, and seem to be seeing them every where in ready to wear but they aren’t as available in my fabric stores here. Can’t wait to see what you do with yours!

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