‘Tis the Season for Flannel


Hi All! I’ve been traveling on the East Coast this week, where the below freezing temperatures have encouraged me to think about the benefits of a wardrobe dominated by flannel.  It’s certainly not a bad thing as there’s nothing more comfortable to wear! This plaid flannel has been hiding in my stash for a couple of years. I found it when I was putting away my lightweight warm weather fabrics in favor of heavier fall and winter options. I had exactly a yard and a half and it was only 45″ wide. What to do….


Even though it’s flannel, the turquoise plaid made me think of a top with feminine details like bell sleeves so I went to my pattern stash to find a tried and true pattern, McCall’s 7542 (two other versions made here ). It has a number of sleeve options, none of them quite right for a cozy fall/winter top.


So, I went for View D, but decided I needed long sleeves. To do that, I lengthened the sleeve by 4″ before attaching the bell. To make the bell a bit more dramatic, I increased the width to ten inches.


I do love this McCall’s pattern, but have never been wild about the boxy shape with my waistless figure. So, I cut the longer length option on the bodice, then widened it by four inches at the waist. That allowed me some room to insert two six-inch long pinch pleats on either side of the waist. I like this look because it pulls that boxy bodice in a bit, giving the illusion of a waist. To further accentuate it, I inserted a tie at the side seam right at the waist. I’m such a fan of adding in ties at the side seam…they never get lost!


This was a fun, easy sew, because there isn’t a zipper or buttons. The simple neck opening is fastened with a hook and eye.

IMG_5257 2

I love my new flannel top, and know it will just get softer and cozier as I wash and wear it. Flannel is such a great fabric and it’s nice to find another other way to have it in my wardrobe besides the classic button down shirt. I have a few more pieces of plaid flannel in my stash and I’d love some ideas of what to do with them.What are you sewing with flannel these days?

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!

15 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season for Flannel

  1. Love this blouse. In particular, I think the waist/peplum combination suits you very well. Stay warm and stylish during your trip. Abbey

  2. It’s TOTALLY flannel season! I love this lighter turquoise on you and the bell sleeves are a great touch and unexpected in flannel. My boys and are are getting ready to go out to JoAnn this afternoon to preview the flannels. We have this tradition to get up at 5 am (my oldest and I are already up) on Black Friday to be the first people in cut line because in exactly 30 seconds we walk in, grab the flannel and race to the table before it gets inundated with cranky people with coupons. Then after a leisurely stroll through the store, we have breakfast at a little taco stand. Last year, I got all 3 sets of pjs sewn up in a day, but I don’t think I’ll put that pressure on myself this year! 😀

    1. What a great flannel tradition! And the Black Friday prices for flannel are so ridiculously low, it’s perfect. 3 sets of pjs in one day…I would require lots of caffeine and wine to accomplish that, lol!

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