My Mini Wardrobe with Indie Patterns

IMG_0340Hi All! Indie Pattern month is winding down over at the Monthly Stitch. The last challenge was to create a mini wardrobe from Indie patterns and I decided it was the perfect motivation to pull out the lovely Indie patterns I’ve been meaning to try, but haven’t. After looking at my patterns and my fabric stash, I decided the theme for my wardrobe would be ‘layers’ and transitions, as I wanted my mini wardrobe to take me from summer to fall.  To make my outfit, I combined the Orsola dress by By Hand London with a Modified Alder Shirtdress by Grainline Studios, and topped it all off with the Sapporo coat by Papercut Patterns.

First up the Orsola dress. I love this design!


The dress pattern was a dream to sew. The instructions are spot on and the sizing was perfect too. Since this was my first BHL pattern, I wasn’t sure if it would be true to the displayed pattern measurements, but it was, Hooray! The bodice is lined which makes for a nice clean finish on the inside.


I love the way it wraps in the back.


I made it from a lightweight cotton print, and lined it with rayon. The drape is really nice in this fabric, but I can imagine it would be perfect in rayon, silk or linen (I’ve already purchased linen for another one.) If you hate darts, beware!!  This pattern has eight! But the good news is there isn’t a zipper, LOL!! One word of caution…you must commit to the length of the dress right away as the hem is faced. I love the detail of the dip in the hem. I think this style would be flattering on anyone!

Next up, is a shortened version of the Alder shirt dress in blue linen. I shortened the pattern so that it would function as a jacket or topper.


Using the Archer pattern sleeves, I modified by adding a sleeve to the Alder without a cuff so that it would look more like a little jacket ( I rolled them up in this photo as it is so….hot here.) I left off the collar, and used only the collar band. I also took out a little of the fullness in the peplum so that it would be a little less puffy of a silhouette. I love this linen – and I know I’ll wear this new Alder constantly as a topper, or just with my jeans.


Last, but definitely not least is the Sapporo Coat by Papercut patterns.


I’ve been eyeing this one for awhlle and IPM was the perfect excuse to jump right in. I made it from linen and lined it with rayon. This pattern is definitely a departure from my usual style, but I love the cocoon shape, a new obsession of mine!


It’s a very unstructured look, so there is ALOT of ease in this pattern and I do mean a lot. I cut the size XS, and ended up taking in the side seams even more to get it to fit. I love the construction of this coat – the collar is built in and the sleeves are faced so that you can roll up cuffs if you want.


The pockets are my favorite part of the design and I love the slouchy look they give the coat. Be forewarned though. There’s isn’t a mechanism for shortening the bodice – so I tried a quick muslin to make sure it fit. If you love this style, go for it! The construction of this jacket was really pretty easy! This is my new favorite coat and I know I’ll love it for fall. I might try it again in a wool blend or cotton boucle’.


Phew!! I’m really glad that Indie Pattern month only comes once a year!  I do a crazy amount of sewing as there is just something about seeing everyone’s makes that just inspires me to jump right in! I’m really glad I tried new patterns this year. I love By Hand London and Paper-cut Patterns and I’m loving the results and the styles. Have you tried their patterns? If so, any recommendations?

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!

21 thoughts on “My Mini Wardrobe with Indie Patterns

  1. A vision in blues. I love all of these, and yes, the Sapporo is a departure from your usual style but it looks awesome on you! Well done.

    1. Thanks! I was a bit nervous about the Sapporo but I’m in a cocoon phase so couldn’t resist. What a great pattern! I’m going to go on a Papercut buying spree…

  2. What a fabulous mini wardrobe! I love that Orsola dress. It’s gorgeous! Your Alder-Archer hack is very clever too and looks great with the dress. As for the coat – I think I need one of them!

    1. Thank-you! I am glad I made that coat- it’s a great pattern that’s been in my wishlist for some time. I’ll look forward to your version!

  3. I like your fabric choice for the Sapporo. It looks shorter on the pattern illustration, did you lengthen it?

    1. Thanks! I didn’t lengthen it. MY version might look longer because I’m only 5’4″ and my guess is the model is much taller, and she’s wearing skinny jeans and tall heels!!

  4. Such an amazing outfit, they all look so good together, great hack idea with the Alder and the shape of your coat is fab but especially love your Orsola dress, that fabric is lovely and you look great in it!

    1. ThAnks, Lynsey! I’m wearing the dress a lot because, oddly, it’s incredibly hot here in Oregon! From the look of things, I’d guess that coat might stay in my closet for a few weeks at least…I love the ALder pattern, definitely a keeper!

  5. Your wardrobe planning was executed perfectly. I truly love all the garments you sewed. I really like the dress; I have not paid any attention to that dress pattern and glad to read your post here and on PR about it.

    1. Thank-you! BY Hand London patterns are new to me, so it’s always risky when you try something new, but I’m glad I did. I’ll definitely follow BHL more closely now.

  6. The coat is really cool. I love the Japanese feel to it, and your fabric choice is really consistent with that aesthetic.
    Linen has such a special elegance to it! Papercut really outdid themselves on their latest collection. I picked up a paper version of the Otsu jeans when I was in LA–I’m so looking forward to all of those seams!!! That back v and the shaping on the hem on the dress are really pretty too–so feminine!

    1. Thanks! I do think the coat is my favorite piece, but it’s been 105 here for the last few days so I haven’t had a chance to wear it…I do love the elegance of linen too and think most of the Papercut collection would look great in linen. I can’t wait to see your jeans! I downloaded that pattern too, but maybe I’ll let you try them first, LOL! The seams are gorgeous but I’m a little concerned about getting them to fit…are you going to make a practice version or just go for it?

      1. I bought 6 yds of denim at the FIDM Scholarship store (it was $2 yd!) just for the sake of jeans muslins. I’ll compare it to my TNT skinny jeans pattern, but I’d hate to cut into good denim and have them be not right. They look a little high waisted to me which I’m a little unsure of. Usually low-waisted styles turn out to be about right on me. The perks of shortness!

      2. Nice to find some cheap denim to use for your muslins. That takes some of the pressure off! Great idea to compare gem to your TNT jeans. The high waist style gave me pause too-they don’t flatter my figure much either, but I was thinking I could adjust that a bit,..famous last words! Even if it’s a challenge I can’t resist those seals, can’t wait to see yours!

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