An Anthro Inspired Peplum Top X 4

PicMonkey Collage-7Yes, I’ve gone a little off the deep end over this pattern! What can I say? When I find a favorite pattern, I tend to go a little berzerk, imagining all of the variations…and then, before you know it, I have four versions in my closet! No, I did not sew all of these tops since my last post. They were sewn over the last couple of months, using fabric from my stash (YAY!).

And regarding the style — well, yes, this top has a peplum. I was pleased on a recent trip through Anthropologie to discover that peplum tops are still hanging on their racks.


Whew…so good to know, since I have four of them.!

I’m always amazed at how fabric choice changes the look of a pattern. So I really love doing posts where I show multiple versions. This top is Butterick 6486. I also used the angled peplum on McCall’s 7052 on a couple of versions (OOP, but you don’t really need it to pull off this style). B6486 pattern was really easy to sew – perfect for a beginner. The only modification I needed was to lengthen the bodice by a inch so that the peplum would be just above my waist.




This top (version A) is really casual and easy to wear in large part because of the fabric. It’s rayon from Cotton and Steel. This fabric was released last year, a result of their collaboration with the  Rifle paper company. This is top notch fabric, my friends. It wears and sews like a dream. To make this version, I shortened the peplum by 2 inches. I’m not usually drawn to fabrics witl small prints, but I do love this one. The color palate is definitely in my wheelhouse.

This version is in cotton gauze (FabricDepot).


I made this version for one reason…to wear it with the necklace I have on! It was designed by a local artist using crocheted linen and linen tassles and I needed a top that would allow it to be the center of attention. For this version I used the angled peplum from M7052. This double gauze has extraordinary drape and is comfortable even on a muggy day.

This version is a stiffer quilting cotton.


It also has a assymetrical peplum, but because the cotton has more body, it looks like a different top!  The stiffer fabric gives the peplum more structure. This fabric has a coarser weave too, so the vibe of this top is casual.

Last but not least, a dressier version from a poly blend fabric with cut outs.


Of course, I couldn’t resist trying a version out of something lacy! I had this fabric in my stash, purchased last summer, and only had a yard and a third, not enough for sleeves. To let the cutout design of this fabric shine, I lined the bodice with peach colored lining. This version is fun to wear with jeans/pants, but also with a skirt.

Phew – – My minor obsession with this pattern might be over now….we’ll see! Next up, I’ll be working on some pants and skirts to go with these. I’m heading to France in September so am thinking travel wardrobe as I sew right now.

In another sewing news..This week on Crafting a Rainbow, (great blog, check it out!!) Gillian drafted a great post calling for a blogging renaissance. Her thoughts really resonated with me, so I thought I’d share some of my own thoughts on the topic.  In spite of the way Instagram has grabbed the sewing world’s attention, I remain committed to this blog and to following lots of others (see the side bar for my favorites).  Instagram is a fun place to get a quick fix, but I’m constantly frustrated by the fact that there seems to be absolutely no way for me to control what shows up in my feed. I follow alot of people, yet I only see a very curated collection of posts based on some strange algorithm defined by the folks at Instagram. (Is anyone else frustrated by this?!?)  Since I like to control my personal feed,  and since I like the personal story behind the makes…(the details, the inspiration), I head to sewing blogs for that conversation. I do visit Instagram too, but only a couple of times a week. More just stresses me out. I’d love to know your thoughts….

I really appreciate you, and hope we can continue to share and chat for a long time to come.  Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!


16 thoughts on “An Anthro Inspired Peplum Top X 4

  1. These are really great! I have the bodice I cut off a dress that I didn’t really know what to do with — I’m going to see if I adding a peplum is the answer!

  2. Nice work! Nothing like a TNT to really go to town on! I’m enjoying my relationship with IG and my blog. Doing the monthly round up on my blog really gives me a real feel of satisfaction of what I’ve made each month, but the immediacy of IG is fun when something is just fresh off the machine.

    1. Thanks! I do love a goodTNT. Your monthly round ups are great,..such a nice way to share your projects and a bit of your life with us. yes, you can’t beat IG for immediacy. I do love it for that!

  3. Absolutely love them all. Another great inspiration. You inspire me to sew more.
    Thank you,

  4. You are the ‘Peplum Queen’ Linda! These are all so fab and I love how each one is different. I find myself drawn to the asymmetric hems and also the lacey one.
    I’m with you on the subject of blogging too. I follow a lot of blogs and remain loyal to them. I love to discover new ones as well. And instead of an annoying algorithm…I like choosing the content I see. Long live blogging!

    1. Ha, thanks, Diane! I will wear my crown proudly:) I’m glad to know you love blogs too especially because I love what you do on Dream, Cut Sew. Yes, Long live blogging!

  5. I’m glad you love blogging Linda because I love reading your blog 🙂 Seeing what you’re sewing… your pictures are always really good for showcasing the garment on YOU. I tried peplum tops but they never seem to look right on me. I think I’m too busty which means a peplum just makes me look like a balloon that been shaped funny to hand out to kids at a party 🙂 Love them on your though! They suit your shape so well 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words Kathleen! I do love to blog and it’s so fun to read your comments here, so thanks for doing that. Ha! Your balloon imagery made me laugh!

  6. All great looks! I love when a pattern gives me a few choices. And yes, I’m on other forms of social media but sometimes it is nice to hunt down one of your favourite bloggers and catch up on her posts! IG seems to show a lot of quick photos but no details and I do lose my favourites on there sometimes.

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