A Quick Cozy Jacket and Ginger Jeans

After completing my two dresses for the Day/Night Dress Challenge, I needed something to cleanse my sewing palate. Usually, when I’m in that mood, I choose a simple pattern to complete. But this time, I decided to make a fun outfit including a new pair of Ginger Jeans. So in this post I’ll talk about the jacket first followed by the jeans.IMG_9097 3The jacket – – Yes, it’s March but it’s still cold and damp here. That’s why I decided to make my jacket from fleece, a first for me!

IMG_9073I  love slouchy jackets with big pockets so I couldn’t resist Simplicity 8468, a jacket with curved seams, deep pockets and cozy lapels.


I made it from double sided fleece that I found at Mill End Store. Fleece is easy to sew too, if you know a few tricks.

  1. You don’t have to finish your seams because fleece doesn’t unravel. I did choose to serge my seams though, but only because I like the finished look it gives to the inside of the jacket, but it isn’t a crime if you don’t.
  2. To keep bulk down, trim your seams and clip your curves.
  3. Topstitching can be tricky because the fabric is so thick. Walking foots are nice for this, although I managed without.

The fit of this jacket is loose so I cut the smallest size but still had room to spare. It was a quick fun sew (less than four hours with cutting time). The jacket is unlined and the fit comes from the curved seams so it’s a breeze to sew. I’m so happy with this make. It’s the sort of jacket I love to wear, casual but polished. I’m sure I’ll make this pattern again!


My first Ginger Jeans: Even though I’ve made several pairs of jeans before, I still feel some trepidation when I consider sewing another pair, especially when it means trying a new pattern.  There’s the time committment involved for one thing (this pair took 6 hours), and even if you put the time in, there’s the very real possibility the darn things will not fit or feel or look the way you want. It’s the risk factor that kept me from realizing my dream of Ginger jeans for so long. But, Wow! It was worth the risk because I love this pattern. I’m so glad I took the leap!


Things I learned:

  • I find that a block of dedicated time is necessary to make a pair of jeans so I dedicated an entire Saturday to this project. If I take a break, I lose momentum and it’s hard to get my head back in the game at a later time.
  • I made View B (high rise version) and used a dark very stretchy denim (Modern Domestic) that isn’t too heavy.
  • If you can, use two sewing machines, one threaded for topstitching.
  • I use wonder tape (I should invest in the stuff) to hold things in place at tricky moments (pocket facings, waistband, zipper). Pins can fall out of denim at critical moments.
  • Baste side seams so that you can rip them out if the fit isn’t just right.
  • Interfacing is optional on the waist band. I left it out and I’m glad I did for comfort.
  • Heather (Closet Case pattern’s designer) suggests that you cut the legs out one at a time, rather than cut them on doubled fabric. That way you’re assured each leg is on the straight of the grain which prevents twisting once they’re sewn.
  • Pocket facings – – okay, I really struggled with this step (it was hell, honestly). It could be just me, but the instructions made no sense. I ripped the pocket facings out twice before I resorted to referring to my favorite pair of RTW jeans and mimicking their construction.  I also referred to the on-line tutorial on the Closet Case Files website, which really helps.
  • Back pocket placement – -The marked placement seemed low to me, so I raised them as high as they could go.



IMG_9183 2

Okay, maybe they aren’t perfect but they’re close enough and so comfortable! The legs bag a little which is likely because I left them a bit long as I’m always nervous they will shrink again down the road (Ha, yes, this is probably impossible, but I freak out over these sorts of things). There might be a bit of a twist on the left leg, or maybe I’m standing in an odd way :), but it’s not too bad. Otherwise, I love these jeans!  I’m really pleased with the fit. I think I may like this pattern even better than the Jalie’s I made here. I think I’ll cut out another pair soon. I need to make another pair before I forget how I did the pocket facings, LOL!!



A new outfit that will be transitional for Spring, yay! What’s your go to jeans pattern? Have you ever made a jacket from fleece?

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!


28 thoughts on “A Quick Cozy Jacket and Ginger Jeans

  1. What an excellent job on both items. I’m especially impressed with he jeans. You’ve inspired me to move a little closer to taking the plunge.

    1. Ha, good to know I wasn’t the only one! Trauma is the word for it:)!! I do like the finished jeans though which is good because I would have been down if they hadn’t turned out after all the seam ripping:)

  2. That’s a great jacket pattern! I’ll add it to my wishlist. Nice work on the Gingers. You’ve inspired me get started on mine soon!

  3. Great job on those jeans! I have the Ginger pattern lined up for next year 😉 This year I’m still making the Jalie jeans. Your fleece jacket looks cozy.

    1. Thanks! The Jalie pattern is great too – it’s all about the fit, you know? The jacket is cozy and fleece is so easy to sew – not sure why I haven’t done this before!

  4. Fabulous! I love both makes. That jacket will be so cosy and those jeans are fantastic. I’m in the process of making a pair of jeans too and they were looking great until I tried then on. They don’t look right at the back as they look horribly twisted above the knee. Sigh! I’ll feel good when they’re done though.

    1. thanks! The leg twist thing is so frustrating! Mine seem a bit twisted too when I first put them on but then as the denim stretches it gets better. So weird however I do still love them. I hope you love yours too, and I hope you’ll post them so I can enjoy with you:)

  5. Love your jeans Elle! I have this pattern AND the Eleanore pull on jeans pattern too. I’m really going to have to get on these! I have Heather’s ebook and online course too but I just haven’t gotten to it. I still have a few pairs of jean type pants (RTW) which fit me reasonably well so I haven’t been super motivated (clearly!) but every time I see a pair made up (like yours that fit so well) I keep thinking even just for challenge and learning experience I really should get to it 🙂

    1. Thank-you! I have the Eleanor jeans pattern and haven’t tried them yet, but they’re next on my list. Yes, when you have jeans ready in your closet it’s hard to get inspired to take the leap, but this pattern is worth it I think! And to your point about learning…making jeans does boost your sewing confidence!

  6. Cute, cozy jacket. Great job on the jeans — they look terrific. I’ve made them & I too had a heck of a time understanding the pocket facings & like you, I’m not a novice sewist & I’ve made other jeans. I just think it’s something with the way the instructions are written.

    1. Thanks- oh I feel so much better knowing I’m not alone on the pocket facing confusion! I’m glad I didn’t throw in the towel though because the finished project was worth it! I do love the jacket…wore it today and it was so comfortable!

    1. Thank-you! Well said…each pair of jeans takes me on a new journey, and hopefully we come out better at the end:) although I must admit, I thought these were going to end up in the donation pile after struggling with the pocket facings, LOL!!

  7. The jeans look perfect! You did a great job on that cute and cozy sweater. I recently purchased a new Butterick pattern for overalls and was thinking denim with topstiching but…..I have never attempted to sew with denim or sewn jeans either. I just love your blog, it is great to see what you are sewing and your finished beautiful fashion pieces. Thanks for sharing, you have many times inspired me and given info that makes a big difference to all timid sewists.

    1. Thanks so much! Sewing overalls is on my list of to-dos too, I’ll have to check out the Butterick pattern. I’ve always found denim to be a pretty great fabric to sew with as long as it’s not too heavy, and if it has a bit of stretch, that’s even better so I’m sure your overalls will be a success. Thanks so much for the nice comments about my blog and for visiting with me about sewing!

  8. Your jacket looks fab and cosy. I love the rich rust colour. As for jeans, well, I’ve never really had the urge to make a full-on pair of jeans. I’ve used denim and made trousers with some jean type features and that’s as far as it goes for me. I’m not a huge jeans wearer so for the time being, I wear the RTW ones that are still in rotation in my wardrobe. I only have 3 pairs of them.

    1. Thanks! I didn’t have the urge to make jeans until a couple of years ago when my favorite ready to wear brand changed the cut/fit, so I get that. As far as sewing goes though it’s pretty satisfying, like climbing a mountain. The jacket is my new favorite. I’ve been wearing it constantly, gotta make another!

    1. Thanks, Diane! There’s something so therapeutic about sewing jeans…you really can’t think about anything but that as you sew. But then, of course you’re totally bummed if they don’t work out. So relieved these worked!

  9. The jeans look great! I’ve been sewing for a while, but tailored pants and jeans are still on my to do list. Maybe I’ll finally bite the bullet this year. Really appreciate all the great tips.

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