A Remant Busting Top X 3

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I think I’ve found a new tried and true top pattern to add to my go-to collection. This one is a favorite because it’s perfect for knit remnants! As you all know, I can’t bear to part with sweater knit pieces, no matter what the size or shape, so I have quite the collection of lovely bits. It’s so great to find a pattern that accomodates my need to save them!


My preferred wardrobe choice at this time of year is pants and a top, so cute options are always on my to-sew list. I really love the curvy raglan sleeves on this pattern! It’s the sort of detail that takes this top from ordinary to something I’ll reach for again and again.


On this version, I added a large cuff to the sleeve just for fun. I love this fabric, and am so glad I saved this lovely remnant. I didn’t have enough fabric to do the entire shirt so the back is a solid black.


This top is made from remnants of two different sweaters and I added narrow cuffs to the sleeves to make it look a bit more polished.

This Melissa Watson design is McCalls 7574.

It’s an easy sew, the perfect diversion from a more demanding project (my night dress for the Day/Night Dress challenge, soon to be revealed.). I was pleased that this top fit me right out of the envelope with no adjustments. It has two options on the neckline, either a narrow band or a collar. I used the collar option twice and the neckband on the bright floral version. Both were really easy to sew and are so comfortable to wear. I think the dress version of this pattern would be great to try.

I love the efficiency of sewing several versions of a pattern back to back. By the time I was sewing version three, I was able to complete the top in less than an hour, LOL!

It’s nice to have some fresh options in my closet to go with jeans. If I had to choose a favorite, it would probably be this one. The textured wool knit is so colorful and I love the bold print. Which do you prefer?


Do you save bits of knit or am I the only one who can’t bear to let them go? Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!


8 thoughts on “A Remant Busting Top X 3

  1. That’s a good choice of pattern for piecing, and with your fabric combinations your tops look intentionally designed that way. Yes, I’m a scrap hoarder too, but I also began sewing by buying single metres of fabric, so I appreciate that combining fabrics well is harder than it looks.

    1. Thanks – yes, when you combine fabrics, you always wonder if it looks like it was meant to be that way! Sometimes, it feels a bit risky, but when it works, it’s so satisfying! So nice to meet a fellow scarp hoarder!

  2. Lovely! It’s great to use scraps. I keep mine also, both to eke more garment out of them but also to effect repairs if anything happens to the main garment. The curved raglan sleeve is interesting – was it fussy to work with in the sweater knit, or nbd?

    1. Thanks! That’s a great idea to keep a bit of Fabric around for repairs. The curved sleeve wasn’t too hard in the sweater knit. It just required a little stretching of the sleeve to fit the bodice. I thought it would be hard when I looked at it but was pleasantly surprised. I guess that’s the sign of a well designed pattern…hats off to Melissa Watson!

  3. Oh, I love all three versions; I could never pick one! The dress they have the model wearing doesn’t do this pattern justice. They should put you and one of your tops on the pattern cover. They would sell more!!

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