Linen and velvet all wrapped up!

Yes, it’s a busy time of year, far too busy to take on a sewing project, right?  Of course, but if you’re like me, inspiration often strikes when you have the least time to do anything about it!

Here’s my story: I was cleaning out my messy fabric bins, making room for the purchases I’m destined to make in 2016, when I found a treasure…a bit of  crinkled velvet in winter white that I’d completely forgotten existed. Suddenly, I absolutely had to have a winter white top, NOW.


To keep the project’s fun quotient up and the frustration element low, I chose a tried and true pattern, Vogue 8815. For fun, I mixed things up a bit by combining a few of my favorite things; velvet for the bodice, linen for the skirt, and dotted mesh lace for the sleeves. There isn’t much to say about the construction of this top. (I reviewed it before here). I’m pleased with how it turned out, but it is a bit light- weight to wear in the winter.

Still, I was determined, so….enter a new idea… a quick wrap to keep me warm.


Perhaps you’ve seen a wrap like this before at one of your favorite RTW retailers. It’s called a five-way wrap, and I tried one on at Nordstrom’s awhile back. It’s really a clever concept. You take a big circle of fabric and, by placing the armholes strategically, the wrap becomes amazingly versatile.


It looked cozy and easy, so I decided to make my own. The fabric is plaid (love!) wool from Fabric Depot. I used a pattern from Indygo Junction, and the layout they show you is quite clever. You fold the fabric into quarters then lay your pattern piece on top of the four layers of fabric before cutting. When you unfold the cut fabric, your circle is symmetrical and perfect. Then, you cut the armholes, and voila! You have a wrap that you can wear several different ways.

Here it is, pinned at the neck….


By putting it on with the armholes low, you have a short, cape-like version. Cozy!

You can belt it.


Or wear it open, a long on-trend vest!


I like the long vest look the best, but the coziest way to wear it may be the short  cape-like version. So warm and fun!

Truthfully though, I like the concept better than my finish version. While I was trying to take photos, I became frustrated with the way the folds in the front have to be constantly rearranged. I think this is a function of my fabric choice, not the pattern. Because I chose to use a  wool blend, the wrap is a bit stiff. Also, I bound the wrap’s edges to keep it from unraveling,  but I think this made the front from cascading in nice easy folds. If you choose a softer fabric, or serge the edges rather than bind them, it will hang nicely. Even though it isn’t perfect, still, I’m sure this wrap will come in handy, especially with my linen top.  (Now that I see how easy this wrap is, I wish I’d made a five way wrap for each of my girlfriends, but alas, it’s too late now…isn’t it?)

Are you finding time to sew during the holiday rush? Do you pick easy projects or do challenges appeal when you’re busy? Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!



10 thoughts on “Linen and velvet all wrapped up!

  1. Your white top is very elegant looking and when you match it up with your plaid wrap you look all set for the holiday season… so stylish. So sorry the fabric wasn’t quite right for the wrap – but the plaid it perfect! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! (I try not to do anything too challenging during the holiday rush, but an illness in the family has delayed my #DESIGNIN’DECEMBER garments… Oh well! Our family member is on the mend and Christmas is almost here and I am almost done my garments, so it all worked out for the good!)

    1. Happy holidays to you too! Glad your family member is on the mend. The nice thing about stepping away from sewing for a bit is that you realize how much you like it, right? Can’t wait to see your outfit!

  2. This is great! I was wondering how these worked…..saw that Marcy T was selling them, and I hadn’t seen them before. I didn’t understand them, but now I do! Fun and easy, these would make great gifts. The white velvet is also amazing!

    1. Thanks so much. I’ll have to head over to Marci’s website and see hers. The white velvet was a remnant that I just happened upon one day. It’s always nice to stumble upon an unexpected treasure when you’re out shopping.

  3. I read your review at PR and came to your blog to read more. In the end, I have now purchased this pattern to give it a try. I like how you are able to wear it several ways. I love your plaid version. I am not a fan of plaid, but beginning to see how nicely it can be used.

    1. Great! I hope you’ll post your finished project so that I can enjoy with you. Plaid doesn’t always rock my boat but i think the plaids that are available right now are more interesting than other years.

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