A DIY vintage ornament


In these days of responsible consumption, it’s always great to find a project that uses things we’d otherwise discard. This project uses Christmas cast-offs. When you make these ornaments, not only  are you ‘reusing’ and recycling, you’re adding a bit of nostalgia to the season too.

The best part of this project? These vintage-inspired ornaments are so easy! All you need is a glue gun, a free hour, and some thrift store items such as old candy molds, scraps of fabric, discarded vintage Christmas corsages, even tree ornaments that have seen better days.

IMG_6741Tools needed:

  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Straight-edge
  • Marking pen or Tailor’s Chalk

Materials needed:

  • Old candy molds/tart molds/jello molds (small). If you can’t find these in a junk store, you can find them Amazon for cheap:).IMG_6745
  • Assorted castoffs: tinsel, small, old christmas balls, scraps of fabric or burlap, vintage christmas corsages, assorted tree trims


  • Figure out how you will hang your ornament. You can glue a ornament hanger on the back, or you can drill a hole in the top and insert some looped wire.


  • Trace the mold’s shape onto your burlap or fabric. Then, cut the fabric and glue it into the mold.
  •  Inside the mold, place some colorful bits and pieces of junk from your vintage Christmas stash. This is the fun part! Remember to add some sparkle here and there. Those glittery bits are eye catching and will reflect the lights on your tree.


  • When you have the look you want, use your trusty glue gun to secure it all.IMG_6752

Next add some trim. Small dollops of glue work best here to hold the trim in place.


That’s it.  You’re done and you can take your ornament to its new home.


Here, it will make some new friends.

These ornaments make great gifts or package toppers too.

December is one of the best times to visit sewing and craft blogs because there are so many great ideas out there. Do you have a favorite Christmas sewing or craft that reuses old items? Please share!

I hope you’re enjoying these twelve days of Christmas and are finding time to do a bit of creating in spite of the many competing priorities the season brings. Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!


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    1. Thanks! I picked up some great fabric in the thrift store too…a great source that I often forget about. Enjoy your baking. Yes, we’re definitely in the countdown aren’t we?

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