An Anthropologie Inspired Burda Top


mL2l3J35Qjulp7CwY9UopA_thumb_11013If you ask me, the November and December issues of Burda Style magazine were so great, they more than justified the hefty price of U.S. subscription. This Anthropologie inspired make is from the November issue, and it’s just one of five patterns that I marke to trace. Yes, I always dread the task of tracing the patterns from the magazine…there are so many crazy lines to sort through! But the results were worth the effort!

Here’s the Velvet top from Anthropologie that inspired me to make this.  4110348695280_070_b

This Burda Style top is really close, minus the gathers at the shoulders.


Navy blue is such a hard color to photograph so I’m not sure how clearly you can see the waist-pleat detailing, but it adds a nice touch and it was easy to sew. This Burda Style pattern is 11/2018 Style 110.


The magazine version is made from stretch jersey so I made my version from stretch velvet. If you try it yourself, I highly recommend a stretchy jersey with lots of drape. I cut the smallest size and the fit is great. I did forget to add the seam allowances when I first traced the pattern pieces and had to retrace them. UGH. There are so many crazy lines going every which way on those pattern inserts. I guess you could avoid that frustrating step by paying for a download of the pattern from the website, but to me, that feels like paying for the pattern twice which I could not justify, since, in the US, a subscription is already a sizeable investment. Fortunately, there aren’t alot of pieces to this pattern so the tracing wasn’t too hard.


The required sewing was quite easy! I’m always impressed at how well Burda Style patterns come together.  The instructions feel so abbreviated to me, yet the projects always seem to work out! The front bodice and neckline are finished with facings and they’re very simple to attach. The sleeves are set in and they went in easily. The tie is just inserted before attaching the facing. No big deal. Machine sewn hems finish both the bodice and sleeves.





I always worry about fit when I make a wrap top. There’s so much that can go wrong in terms of gaping in the front. Because of that, I celebrate when I find one that fits well. Since this one is a clear winner, I’ll likely try it again. I might even add a few inches for a dress. It’s a great addition to the wardrobe since it can be worn alone or with a white collared shirt. Probably a lacy tee would look great under it too.

It’s always great to add a new velvet piece to my wardrobe, since I am such a fan! I’m hoping to sew a few more things before I do my yearly wrap up, but it could be wishful thinking on my part:). Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!


15 thoughts on “An Anthropologie Inspired Burda Top

  1. You do this so well…copying the designs that you see! I have seen these before in the stores, etc. and have always thought the fabric would feel so lovely to wear. Unfortunately making one for myself would mean buying MORE fabric! You look lovely! Is this going to be your Designin’ December entry? 😁

    1. Thanks, Linda! Yes I’m on a fabric fast too so I feel your pain! I didn’t think this make would qualify for deignin’ December as i didn’t copy a high end designer, but you’re the boss and if you think it works, then I’ll enter it:)

  2. I’ve decided after reading Burda reviews by you and other sewers that all the cool girls sew Burda. This is fabulous – better than the Anthro version too.

  3. This is beautiful and one I marked as well! So great to see that if came together so smoothly. I’m visiting family in the States now and left my magazine back home. Just in case I happen to run into some nice stretch velvet around here;-) – how much fabric did it call for? Thanks and happy holidays!

  4. This wrap top is the rich color. After several years of not subscribing to Burda I’m thinking it may be time to sign up again. I didn’t mind when they printed all patterns on what? 8 pages? back to back. When they decided to economize and print more patterns on fewer pages, I just couldn’t handle it! My favorite issue is 1/2008 and 8/2006. I kept…and moved several years of issues…from Boston to Naples, FL. Always enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Thank-you! Yes, the pattern printing methodology of Burda is a bit challenging! I would sew more Burda Style patterns if I didn’t have to trace. That being said, when I do make the effort, it’s always a big win, as their patterns are well-drafted and stylish!

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