Party Pants Times Two

Secret pajama pants! What could be better? They’re perfect for a night out…a comfortable yet stylish option that makes you feel pretty good until your date says, uh…those pants are pretty baggy, aren’t they?

Well, yeah, but in a very evolved I don’t care if I show off my figure sort of way, am I right?


Of the two pair of pants I made from McCall’s 7726, the linen ones are my favorites. This linen is especially nice with a soft hand (, perfect for this style. Soft wrinkles are inevitable with linen and they seem right at home here.

Pair number two is made from twill with an overlay of black lace.


The fabric has been in my stash for along while, so I have no clue where it came from. Since twill is a recommended fabric for this pattern, I just had to give it a try. The twill added so much structure to the look, it’s as though I made a completely different pattern!

McCalls 7726 is a pretty forgiving option if you’re ready to sew a new pair of pants.

The paper bag waist is created by eight pleats, so if you need to adjust fit there, you can do so by tweaking of the size of the pleats. The pants have generous pockets and optional belt carriers. I cut a size 10 in the waist, then graded to a size six everywhere else. The fit is generous, so there’s quite a bit of wiggle room. The pants are long too…I cut off quite a bit to get my cropped look (I’m 5’4″).

I chose View C for both versions. The main difference between the views is the width of the leg. I love wide pants but they tend to look ridiculous on me, so I opted for the narrow leg. I also made the fabric sash for both pair.

This is an easy pattern and the instructions are spot on, even the ones for the fly zipper. The waist instructions vary a bit by the version. The facing is applied to the paper bag waist before or after making the pleats depending on the view that you choose.  I pleated the waist after creating the facing and it wasn’t hard at all.


Well, the fit of this style might be too loose for some people’s taste, but not not for me. I am a big fan of this style. These pants can be dressed up or down as the mood strikes. I wore the twill pair when I was out and about, and every woman I met wanted a pair, including a sales girl in Anthropologie, LOL!! We all love secret pajamas, don’t we?


Next up for me are a few springy tops, a linen jacket, shorts and a skirt for Spring/summer, even though it’s cold and wet here.  I’m also considering another cardigan before Me-Made May, since the weather is frightful. I’m looking for a new cardigan pattern with a hem band…any suggestions?

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!



19 thoughts on “Party Pants Times Two

  1. Thank you for sharing the details for making these pants. You look great in them and I think I will have to try them. You asked about a cardigan pattern with a hem band. I would highly recommended the Blackwood Cardigan by Helen’s Closet if you haven’t tried it yet. It has a great slim fit and endless options. I love it!

    1. Thank-you! It’s a fun pattern and I’d live the heat what you think of it when you give it a go. The Blackwood cardigan sounds interesting…I love a pattern that gives lots of options!! I’m going to check it out, definitely!

  2. I adore those pants on you. The twill fabric looks awesome. I would be all over that pattern but for my thicker waist measurement compared to my hips. I’m carrying a bit more weight at the moment too, so I’ll live vicariously through you Linda. You look fabulous in them!

  3. I’ve seen the Blackwood Cardigan on tons of blogs and have been so impressed with how professional they look and on all body types. Ay the pace I create, I hope to make a few in various colors for fall, as I think spring has finally arrived here. Please, God. Let it be true!

    1. Yes, the Blackwood Cardigan does look great – I just might have to give that a try – thanks for the suggestion! Fingers crossed about Spring :)…..

    1. Thanks, Linda – It’s a bit of a stretch for me, style-wise, but I need to move out of my comfort zone from time to time. The Lisbon is a great suggestion, another cardigan option I totally forgot about. Thanks for the idea – off to look at it now…..

  4. The paper bag waist is definitely a eye-catcher. Linen gets to be baggy–it’s totally part of the charm and the joy of it. Both of these are definitely a hip kind of pant that you don’t see a lot of, and I love how you’ve styled them. Did you overlay the lace, or did the twill come like that?

    1. Thanks! I’m such a fan of Linen; I do love that it getssofter with time – I’m sure this linen will evolve into the perfect fabric for summer wear. The twill actually came like that – – isn’t that cool? So much easier than overlaying it myself, LOL!!

  5. Both pairs look great, but I love the indigo/royal pair most of all! I am not at all surprised that you get complimented on these when you wear them out–they look so fashionable and cool!

    I will echo others before me and say that I love the look of the Blackwood cardigan–the proportions of the hem band and lengths really appeal to me. That said, I haven’t made that pattern! I have made the Driftless though, and LOVE it. (It does have hem bands, but they’re very narrow compared to the Blackwood.) I wasn’t sure at first, but I really, really appreciate the pockets being integrated into the front rather than sewn on as patch pockets. I’ve made 2 already and have 2 others cut out, and it will be my go-to cardi pattern for sure. 😀

    1. Thanks! Oh, I forgot about the Driftless cardigan – thanks for the reminder! It sounds like it’s a winner, since you’ve got two and several more in the cue. I do like Cardigans with hem bands and the Blackwood is also a possibility. Like you, I appreciate the fact that the Driftless has pockets that are integrated. Hmmmm – Maybe I’ll have to make one of each, LOL!!

    2. Thanks so much – the linen fabric on that pair of pants is so comfortable. Oh, I totally forgot about the Driftless cardigan, thanks for reminding me. It must be fabulous if you are making four of them. You have great taste in patterns. I do love hem bands on cardigans – – and the Blackwood has great ones but I love the Driftless pockets, integrated into the sweater….Hmmm, what to do, what to do. Gosh, maybe I’ll have to make one of each (at least!)

      1. Oh yes, trying each one is always a good idea! 😉 I was hoping to use some tissue-weight knits to make cardis for wearing to the office in the summer, and can confirm that the Driftless is the PERFECT pattern for that.

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