A Coat in Spring Green



I finished sewing this wool coat a few weeks ago, and wanted to share it, but the weather hasn’t been great for taking photos outside. The fact is, the sky probably won’t be clear for another month or so, and by then, it will be too warm to wear wool (fingers crossed). So today, I gave up and took photos indoors!


This coat is Butterick 6292, a pattern that caught my eye when I saw the versatile collar!



I love coats with a military vibe (i.e.Burberry), and the button placement on this design definitely gives it that look.

IMG_9641 2

The wool is, well…green, a color I don’t usually gravitate towards, but this wool from Mill End Store was too cozy to resist. It has a very soft hand though, so I decided to underline the front of the jacket to give it a bit of body to hold the shape of the front lapels. I think this was a good move, because even underlined, the wool still retains its character, yet holds its shape. I lined the coat with rayon and used very thin shoulder pads to give the shoulders some definition.


  • This wool is thick – so making buttonholes on a double layer of fabric was a absolute night mare. I thought I’d lose my mind. My machine couldn’t seem to manage moving across the thick nubby wool so I put a thin layer of interfacing over each buttonhole before stitchng it. It worked! Then, when the buttonhole was finished, I trimmed the interfacing away.
  • Lining – – Even though I cut it according to the pattern instructions, it was an inch too long. Not sure if others had this problem, but it added a step because I had to trim it.
  • Back pleat – I eliminated this as I thought my soft wool wouldn’t hold a pleat. The coat still has enough room to accomodate a wide stride without it.
  • Button placement was a bit tedious – -there are alot of them 🙂 But I love the look so the end result made the effort worth it!


I love my new coat, and, well…(don’t hate me)…I hope the weather doesn’t improve too quickly so that I can wear it!!! The pattern is definitely a keeper, one that I should probably make again, but will I? Hmmm, there are so many coat patterns in my stash that I want to try, so I’m not sure this one will make it into the queue again. Although I can imagine a version from twill or tweed….

Have you put your stash of wool away until next winter, or are you a die-hard like me?

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!



19 thoughts on “A Coat in Spring Green

    1. The green was too good to pass up, and you can’t really see it in the photos but the texture is really soft too! Good fabric makes all the difference, you know?

  1. I caught a flash of green on my Pinterest feed and I just had to come and check it out. Well done for completing a coat project, it’s still my bugbear. Year 2 without one. Hope it keeps you nice and cosy for as long as the weather deiced to be brrr!

    1. Thanks, and yes, it was a HUGE project, and needless to say, I won’t do it again for awhile, LOL! If you can find a block of sewing time to take a coat project on though, it is a satisfying sew. And there’s always year 3…..will love to see whatever you do!

  2. Your coat is lovely, and looks like the hard work was worth it. Creative solution for sewing the buttonholes – glad it worked. My difficulties with tailoring coats and jackets used to be pressing for a nice finished look – I find that my wool garments benefit from a trip to the cleaners for a final press, after I’ve done a good press using my tailor’s clapper and press cloth. It really crisps up the seams and edges and makes the garment look even more wonderful!

    1. Thanks Janee! Yes, I was glad I found out something to make those buttonholes work! Yes, I totally agree about a good press being so important to the final product. It has been to the cleaners for a press and will likely go again!

    1. Yes, it was challenging but fun too! The trick is to find a block of time to devote to it so you don’t have to stop and start you know? I was lucky enough to have a free weekend to devote to it. Otherwise it would have been tough…

  3. This green is so vivid and happy, and the buttons are such a fantastic detail. They are definitely Burberry-esque. I saw the PERFECT Pendleton blanket (teal/orange tribal stripes on cream) at my local thrift store, but it was $50 and I knew it’d be gone by the time the tag was 1/2 off (it was). My Mom offered me one that she has–not as cool, but hey it’s been in my family like my whole life, and it’s free! I’d love to make it up into a coat. It’s so hard to find good quality coating that’s not either a million dollars a yard or really dark and heavy colorwise.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth! It is hard to find good quality coating – I’m so lucky to have the Mill End Store within shouting distance of my house. They have lots of wool, but even then, the good stuff is really expensive and if you don’t buy it the minute you see it, It’s gone! So frustrating. That Pendleton blanket idea sounds great. If you find one you like that’s not too expensive it would make a luscious coat! I hope you find your perfect one soon…would love to see your make.

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