Shirt Dress Love: McCall’s 7351

IMG_6748 2If I had to choose only one garment to take with me to a desert island it would probably be a shirt dress, because they just make me happy. This one gets bonus points for being a rayon shirt dress, which is pure bliss to wear in any weather. What’s different about this dress for me, is the raspberry print. Raspberry, not blue? I know – – I’m living on the edge here!


You see, a few weeks ago, I found an old ‘personal color palate’ from a color analysis I paid for several years ago. I’d completely forgotten about it, and the raspberry pink that was identifed as one of my ‘top five’ colors. It’s supposed to make me glow, LOL, yet I rarely wear it. I guess it’s never too late….

I get weak knees over high low hems and I love the one on McCalls’ 7351. In fact, it might be the reason this pattern made it into my shopping cart. You might have seen this pattern on other blogs because it’s so popular.

As patterns go, this fit me pretty well as designed, even though I’m petite. I did modifiy it a bit: I shortened the bodice by 5/8″. I also shorted the skirt by 5/8′ as well, being careful to preserve the cool curved hem. I also ditched the collar, using only the collar band just because I wanted a simple neckline given the print of my fabric. I also raised the sleeve tab placement a bit so that I could roll the sleeves up more when it’s hot, but I think I over did that a bit. I love the yoke and back pleat detail.


This rayon came from Fabric Depot and it did not disappoint! It wears like a dream and has just the right drape for this dress.


I think a fabric belt would look good with this dress, but I ran out, so I skipped it. The raspberry color is growing on me… I think I’ll enjoy wearing it.  In fact, now that I’ve found my long lost color analysis swatches, I could start taking them with me when I shop. However, I must admit, my fabric love is color blind. If I see a fabric I love that doesn’t match my palate, it will likely still find its way into my shopping cart.

Are you a color analysis believer, or do you buy what you like and call it good?

Yes, I do love shirt dresses and will likely make this dress again, soon. I’m imagining a linen version, maybe cotton poplin… Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by.

22 thoughts on “Shirt Dress Love: McCall’s 7351

  1. I think you should definitely add this colour to your wardrobe. I would say it does make you glow. Lovely.

  2. Ooops, my husbands name has appeared as the author of the comment and that looks a bit creepy – it was me – your dress looks lovely

  3. This is so cute! I have had my colors done numerous time–and guess what? Every time they disagree! I think it is because I have a reddish tint to my hair and my skin is blue pink. This isn’t a combination you normally find! I have decided in the past ten years or so that I am going to wear what I want and if it is orange, then by-golly, I wear it! BTW–orange has never been a color suggestion for me but whenever I wear it, I get many compliments! I love this raspberry color on you!

    1. Thanks! I love the idea of orange on you! I’m going to have to go back to your blog take a peek:) I like your attitude…you wear what you want no matter what! You always look great, btw, so whatever you are doing, it works.

  4. This is very cute on you! Pink and orange for the win!

    Like Sue P (above), I’ve had several color analyses and varied results. I decided to focus on the few colors they all suggested.

    1. Thank-you! I like the idea of focusing on a few key colors. The added benefit is that most everything in your closet will go together, always a good thing for my crowded closet.

  5. I do like this. It’s a lovely colour on you! I was quite surprised recently, when I found my colour palate that had been done years ago, to discover that most of the colours on there were ones I wore and sewed with already. It did give me some ideas on greens and oranges that I don’t wear so my colour palette ended up opening some doors for opportunities for me. There is a shirt dress challenge on IG that you might be interested in #sewtogetherforsummer. You might want to post this on there. It’s lovely!

    1. Thanks! How funny that you found a long lost color palate too:). I’m envious of your greens and oranges, favorites of mine that are not on my palate, unless it’s jade green. I’m sure those colors will look great on you! Thanks for the heads up on the IG hashtag too!

  6. I’m really glad you tried this pattern! I got discouraged looking for a shirt dress pattern that wasn’t too weird or too bland and this is a good one! You do glow in the raspberry shade. I had my colors done years back with the “seasons” kick. I was told I was an “Autumn” which meant lots of fall colors. Like Linda above, I seemed to gravitate towards those colors already. Actually the berry and fuchsia colors have a blue undertone so you might be closer to blues than you think! Either way it’s certainly flattering on you.

    1. Oh, I remember the ‘seasons’ kick! It confused me a bit as I was told by one trained analyst that I was a summer, then a different one said I was a winter, which is likely closer to the truth. I wish I gravitated to the right colors as you and Linda do! I find myself wanting to rebel, ha! In addition to blue, I do love rusty autumn colors which is not good on me. You should see my fabric stash, LOL! It’s all wrong! But this raspberry color is growing on me. It’s always good to try something new.

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