M7546 – Happiness is florals and shaped darts

IMG_5423My first outdoor photo of the Spring! Yes, it’s warmed up around here, and today, the sun was out, so I tried to take photos in the side yard. For a moment, the light was good, then hazy clouds came so I had to move back inside. Never the less, I remain optimistic about our Spring, and this new shirt makes me feel as though sunny days are coming our way!


I love this cotton lawn. Of course, it is blue, but the Cotton and Steel print is what really drew me to it (Fabric.com last summer). I call this print a ‘floral’, but maybe botanical is a better word? There are lots of colorful ferns mixed in with the flowers which is kind of unique.

When I saw McCalls 7546 it was instant love… I’m such a fan of  attached sash/ties and shaped darts. Together, they make me feel like I have a waist! IMG_5550

The pattern is McCalls 7546, a fitted shirt that has shaped darts and a cold shoulder variation. Yes, I do like the cold shoulder look (and have a couple of cold shoulder tops in my closet), but the day I cut out this shirt, it was really cold and wet, so I wasn’t in the mood to expose any part of my body to the elements.

I made view D, but cut it to the length of B. I like the long look. I just didn’t have enough fabric. Maybe next time…

I cut my usual size and didn’t have to make any adjustments to fit. McCall’s describes this shirt as ‘close-fitting’ and I would have to agree. It tapers nicely at the waist, and the attached tie gives the waist even more shape. The shaped darts looked challenging to sew, but they really weren’t. The trick was marking them carefully so that the sewing was easy. The front button placket is covered which is nice because if you don’t have a great buttonhole attachment on your machine, well, the evidence is nicely hidden.The self tie is easy -the tie just inserts into the back seam…easy! My only complaint is that the tie itself isn’t double faced, so if you don’t tie carefully the wrong side of your fabric will show.

IMG_5544 2

I plan to wear this top with jeans, shorts, skirts, everything in my closet basically. It’s a pretty versatile print I think, that will go with lots of colors.

Next up for me, will likely be another pair of jeans. At least that’s what’s in my sewing queue. My queue has been pretty fluid lately. I usually match patterns and fabrics right after I make a purchase, but I’ve ignored my ‘system’ this Spring. Whenever something inspires me, I shift everything around to accomodate my new obsession. It’s fun, I suppose, to sort of go with the flow, but it does slow down my creativity a bit to always be shifting gears. And it’s a bit chaotic in my sewing room.  I used to keep my projects (fabric and patterns) each in their own individual plastic bins and lined them up on my sewing table. But that was a HUGE mess and it took up too much room. Not sure what the answer is…How do you manage your sewing queue? Would love ideas on how to get organized…

Speaking of florals, here’s the real deal…Wild flowers at Catherine Creek in the Columbia Gorge. Happy Sewing and thanks for stopping by!


24 thoughts on “M7546 – Happiness is florals and shaped darts

  1. This is a beautiful top! You paired the fabric very well with the pattern. <3 <3

    I'll try to send some of our Arizona blazing sunshine your way – happy spring!

  2. So love how your top turned out and you look terrific in it. I have a pricey Lafayette 148 silk blouse with this style and the fact that they didn’t double the fabric for that waist tie annoys the heck out of me. Whenever I finally sew “my” version I won’t forget to make that change;-)

  3. Such a great shirt, love the curved darts and super fabric. I keep hoping for more sunshine (England) we get odd days, or a couple hours of warmth then it goes back to being really chilly. Much prefer sewing and wearing summery clothes.

    1. Thanks! I find it’s hard to sew light weight clothes when the weather doesn’t inspire me. Fingers crossed that we both get some sunshine soon!

  4. What a great use of fabric! It’s a perfect match for this pattern. The ties being integrated into the shirt is very clever, and certainly means you won’t ever lose the tie and have to hunt around for it! That is so irritating about it not being double-faced though; the same thing happened to me with a Vogue pattern and I was so annoyed when I figured that out!! I guess in something like their sample (white shirting?) it doesn’t matter–one side is pretty much like the other–but it definitely requires planning (or careful arrangement of the ties). At least you know that for next time, and have made a note of it for anyone else who wants to make this! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I know! THe double faced issue is frustrating as it would have been so easy to design the pattern differently. I plan on sewing a solid version soon, and will definitely fix that issue next time around. I do enjoy wearing it though and when I pointed out the tie issue to a couple of girl friends who were complimenting the shirt, they looked at me like I was crazy, I guess those of us who sew notice those details more than others, LOL.


    1. It is great fabric! It sat in my stash for awhile because I couldn’t bear to cut into it! I do plan to make the other view with the cutout shoulders when the weather warms up. I’m pretty sure you’re right about wildflowers and bees. They’re so pretty – no wonder the bees love them.

  5. Beautiful fabric and pattern combo. I am the opposite to you, princess seams / darts and waist ties always make me feel like a sad disappointment on the waist front! You look gorgeous in this, so it clearly works for you!

    1. Thanks so much! That’s the good thing about sewing. We can pick the style/pattern that works for our body type. You always choose well-I always look forward to your makes.

      1. Hopefully some coming soon. I have 4 garments on the go at the moment, and a very nearly finished one (just need to sort some hemming stuff). It’s been toooooo long!

      2. Does this mean your broadway gig is over? I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to! I’m sure your sewing machine was lonely.

    1. Thanks! The new Cotton and Steel prints are to die for… I told myself I had to make a couple of things using my stash before I could go fabric shopping. I’d Love to see the IKEA cabinet as I am desperate but don’t see the link. Rats…

  6. Great blouse! I have that same waist situation as you do and usually shy away from belts and sashes but you look so terrific that I might give this top a try. Even at 100 lbs and 20 years old (long time ago!) I had a larger waist. So as you must know, fitting in RTW pants and jeans never worked out. One size in the hips and a size or two larger in the waist. Now with the very stretchy fabrics and the leggings craze it’s easier. So sewing was always important for a good pant fit. Back to your top…the sewn on sash is a great idea. I think I’ve seen it on a dress pattern somewhere too. I think I’ve even been leery to use princess seamed tops and dresses thinking they would not look as good as a straight cut. Now with your top here and your new white one (which I do have the pattern)) I may get going on that too!

    1. Thanks so much! I was the same at 20, slim but I still didn’t have a waist. The ready to wear pants situation is so grim, I’ve been grateful for sewing skills too! Now if I could only perfect the fit on a good pair of jeans, I’d be home free! This blouse pattern for me so well, with so little effort. I hope it works for you too.

  7. Oh man, Cotton and Steel makes such pretty fabrics. I made a little dress for the girl and I die with cuteness overload every time she wears it. A cold shoulder woven top…interesting. That’d be a great look for summer.

    1. I just visited the fabric store and saw this seasons offerings from them! Such great colors! I might have to take a break from my stash reduction plan and splurge! The cold shoulder version is tempting..,,

  8. This is a lovely top. I’m making one myself but a bit stuck on the hidden placket. I looked everywhere on how to make one and tried to read and understand the instruction over and ober again but still can’t make it. Could you please help me on how to sew a hidden placket on this pattern? Thank you.

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