Burda 6330 in Striped Linen

IMG_0552I’m really in love with the Summer catalog for Burda patterns. There are so many great styles this season. This make and my last make are both from this collection and I know, there will be a few more.

I have to say – – this dress was so fun to sew!


Sometimes, I don’t know why I enjoy one project more than another, but in this instance, the reason is clear. It’s all about this striped linen (Joann’s). The weight is perfect for a dress, and I loved playing with the placement of the stripes.  As you all know, sometimes, stripe placement can be a headache that takes the joy out of a project. This time, it was a blast.

My pattern, Burda 6339, is unique in several ways.

The waistband has a slight curve (hard to see in the line drawings) which makes it fit so well. Also, that piece is cut on the cross grain as are the sleeve bands. So, those pieces are designed as contrast pieces which works nicely with my stripes.

The trickiest bit here was to get the sleeves and sleeve bands to match perfectly.

IMG_0510Since the pattern on this linen repeats, I had to cut the critical pieces one at a time from a single layer of fabric to insure that the placement of the would be right. Repeating patterns always make me crazy (!!) but I love the challenge they present too. I’m always amazed/surprised when it actually works out. I was able to get a good match on the sleeves, the sleeve band, the bodice and the skirt too.

The construction method for finishing the neckline of this dress is really nice. There’s a wide facing that doesn’t just face the neck, but it wraps around the armsyce too.IMG_0720

This means that after the sleeve is inserted, the facing is really secure. It won’t pop up no matter what. It provides a nice finished look to the insides of the dress to, which makes this sewist so happy!

IMG_0548I also have to give a shout out to Joann’s for carrying this lovely linen. Good linen is always such a pleasure to sew and wear, it’s the fabric I look for first when I shop. I’m fussy about the quality, and am really pleased with this particular linen from Joann’s. A few years ago, I wouldn’t have even bothered to look at their linen, but this year, their inventory is expanded and really interesting. I hope this trend continues!

Speaking of trends, my pattern stash of Burda catalog patterns is really limited. Now that I’ve made two patterns from the summer collection, I’m sure I’ll peruse their catalog next Fall and Winter rather carefully.  It’s so strange that I’ve ignored that catalog before….Hmmmm. Is it the catalog photos that don’t inspire or the fact that there are fewer sales….? Or maybe I’m the only clueless one?

As you can see, I wore my only pair of red shoes with this dress. Which do you think came first…the shoes, or the fabric?  🙂 Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!




13 thoughts on “Burda 6330 in Striped Linen

  1. Had to hop over right away (from IG)to read this post. Really a stunner! Funny about the Burdas. I used them quite a bit a few years ago for their pant patterns. Always were a good fit. And sometimes designs from the magazine would be in the counter catalog. But I have gotten away from them recently. I think if we saw more makes like yours that would inspire us!

    1. Thanks, Marguerite! Interesting comment…I’ve heard from others that the Burda pants patterns are great and I’ve certainly seen some inspiring Burda makes on IG. I do think interest would pick up if they used better photos in the catalog!

  2. Hi Linda, I agree with you about the improvement in the selection at Jo Ann’s. It’s so much better than I remember from just a couple years ago. And Burda’s website has such small pictures for each pattern ( on the gallery page) that interesting details are hard to appreciate. It seems like you have to dig deeper.

    1. So true! I’m glad the quality is improving as in the US, Joann’s seem to pop up everywhere! It’s great to see that they’re giving so many access to some lovely fabrics! Yes, I agree the Burda website pattern photos don’t do them any favors. Still, I am such a fan, albeit a new one.

    1. Thanks, Linda! A striped linen top sounds great! I perused a few on-line fabric shops yesterday looking for more linen, and there are lots of striped options out there..enjoy the hunt!

  3. LOVE this dress, it’s gorgeous on you! I love how you played with the stripes. I’m shocked this fabric is a JOANN find, but I will be keeping an eye out for it at my store for sure. (Sorry not sorry for copying you, lol.)

    1. Thanks, Mads! I’m not surprised you’re surprised that it’s from Joann’s becAuse I was too! I hope they continue their current trend with linen! I’d be thrilled if you copied me😎

  4. Hello! I just cut out a mock up of the bodice for this according to my chest measurement & found it to be way too small. Seems like I will need to go up AT LEAST 2 sizes. Did you have to go up, & if so, how many sizes? Thanks so much. Yours looks fabulous!

    1. I used my measurements and graded between sizes because I am a smaller size using my bust measurement than at the waist and hips. I was a bit nervous about fit in the hips so did a tissue fitting before cutting my precious fabric. I hope it all goes well!

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