Butterick 6592 Three Ways

Me Made May has been so revealing! My pledge this year was to wear the me-mades that were taking up valuable closet space, but weren’t getting much use. That lead to some ‘aha’ moments. 1. I prefer tops made of rayon, jersey knit, cotton lawn or linen (I hate stiff cottons!). 2. I love wearing skirts, pants but dresses…? Not so much (but I love to sew them!) 3. I do not enjoy wearing sleeveless tops or dresses not matter how hot it is. Yes, I have a few, but I never wear them! I’ve always had a thing about my arms, that less is more, LOL. 

That last conclusion led to one of this post’s projects. I pulled all of my sleeveless tops from my closet, determined to add sleeves. Easier said than done.  As you all know, that remedy relies on a stash of remnants that includes pieces of fabric from past projects. I used to have buckets of remnants, but that was before my commitment to ‘tidy up’. I was convinced those remnants weren’t giving me joy, so I discarded/donated most  of them a month ago! What I wouldn’t give to have them back again!!

The good news…I was able to locate enough fabric to add sleeves to this first version of my new favorite pattern, Butterick 6592. Yes, the sleeves are tiny, but I do love this top now.

I used Butterick 6592 for the three tops in this post, and it has alot to offer.  

The bodice can be made with or without a peplum, and there are three sleeve options, which makes the pattern a good value if you ask me. It’s a simple pattern to complete. The bodice is shaped by darts and the neck opening is finished with a zipper. Fit on this one is easy. I cut my usual size according to my measurements and it fits like a dream without tricky modifications.

This is view A, and for this version, I used a vintage linen table cloth that I picked up at a estate sale. The trick here was to place the cut out details in the right place on the bodice and sleeves. I used the scalloped edges of the table cloth as the finish for the sleeves. this is the second top I’ve made from a tablecloth, and it was so fun to sew!

The loose fit makes this top really comfortable and cool. Yes, it wrinkles easily, but that’s linen for you! I know this will be one of my favorite tops this summer.

This last version of B6592 is made from a remnant of silk I found last summer in the bin at the Mill End store here in Portland. It doesn’t photograph that well, but the blue is really lovely, with contrast bits of gray and off-white.

This is view B, the peplum bodice with a modified sleeve (no ruffle). Silk is so fabulous to wear – – I don’t know why I don’t treat myself to its luxury more often. I like this peplum because it isn’t too flouncy. For this version, I shortened the waist by 5/8 of an inch because the peplum is supposed to hit above the waist.

It’s always so fun to see how a single pattern can be used to create different looks. Any pattern that provides so many fun options, gets a big thumbs up from me! Besides that, it only takes a couple of hours to complete — Make it this weekend! I searched Instagram and Pattern Review for other versions of this pattern, but didn’t find much. I’m not sure why it isn’t popular, as I can see more versions of this in my future.

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!

17 thoughts on “Butterick 6592 Three Ways

  1. Love these tops, Linda, especially the blue one. I am in total agreeance with your first paragraph. I also love to make dresses but don’t really like wearing them! And yet, I envy people who always look great by simply wearing a dress and accessorising.

  2. I always enjoy your posts and your “makes” but you had me fooled on the dresses because you always look so nice I was sure you wore them!

    1. Well, I do love my dresses, even though I don’t wear them very often. I think it’s the climate here that makes it hard. I hope when the weather warms, I’ll change my ways. In the meantime…I think I need to make some pants:)

  3. If you bought that pattern at a Joann’s sale, you are indeed getting your money’s worth! All the tops are lovely but I’m especially impressed with the linen tablecloth version. How fun to use such “found fabric.”

    1. Yes, I did buy the pattern at Joann’s…so it was a bargain as wAs the tablecloth. Sewing isn’t always ‘cost effective but it certainly was on that project!

  4. What a good idea to use a vintage table cloth. I am going to head to the antique stores and look for one. I first saw you do this with the Kobe top and you inspired me to get the pattern myself. And I have now made my Kobe top in a black and white cotton. Wore it last night for the first time and love it!
    Suzanne Bizon

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you tried the Kobe top, Suzanne! It’s such a fabulous pattern. Antique shopping with a purpose is such a wonderful pastime…enjoy!

  5. Always fun to see how you use one pattern and make it up in different ways. So versatile! Love them all, though I think the blue silk is a smidge ahead of the others, love the fabric and proportions of the peplum on it.

    1. Thanks, Diane! The blue silk was such a lucky find…I barely had enough but am so glad I did. I love making up multiple versions of a pattern. It’s always so fun to see a new look emerge from the same pattern:)

  6. Love all three tops, and how you surprise me in how you see the potential in patterns. I have learned from you how to make the garment my own.
    Cheers from Northern Ontario

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