Burda Style Raglan Sleeve Dress


It’s been so hot and smoky here in Oregon. Heavy wildfire smoke has settled over Portland, a depressing reminder of last summer’s fire catastrophe in the Columbia Gorge.

But today, things are looking up! The wind is clearing the smoke away, the outside temperature is moderate and it’s safe to be outside again. It’s the perfect day to wear a simple summer dress.


Did you see the August issue of Burda Style magazine? There were so many great styles I could hardly decide where to start! I was attracted to this Burda dress by the relaxed but fitted style.


Most of the shape is created by an elastic waist, and elastic bands on the Raglan sleeves, so there aren’t any darts or waistbands with tricky fit issues. There’s another big advantage of this pattern has…It’s only three pieces!!


Burda 08/2018 #101 is traceable or available for download.  The fit on this dress was spot on for me, and it was pretty simple to trace the pattern pieces since there were so few.

As with all Burda magazine patterns, the instructions provided were minimal. However, since there are very few seams, construction was straightforward. Of course, inside finishing is never discussed in Burda instructions, so I just finished the neckline with bias tape and serged the seams for a polished inside finish.

This rayon (Fabric Depot) has the perfect drape for summer dress. It’s just the right weight for the gathering at the waist. I’m not a big fan of exposed elastic so I did make a tie belt from matching fabric.



I don’t know why I don’t sew with Burda patterns more often. Maybe it’s because I have to trace the pattern?? Really though, compared to the time it takes to assemble a PDF pattern, it’s nothing. From tracing to hemming this dress only took a couple of hours…an easy Saturday afternoon make!

Hmmm, there may be more Burda style patterns in my future. What about you…fan or not?

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!




14 thoughts on “Burda Style Raglan Sleeve Dress

    1. Thanks, Sue and You are not weird. I’ll admit those crazy color coded lines stress me out sometimes too. I was glad I only had three pieces to trace:)

  1. I’m a big Burdastyle fan, obviously, and I made this dress too, for the exact same reasons you give. I also didn’t like the elastic waist treatment, so I made a channel for a waist tie. Very versatile dress for slightly cooler days, don’t you think?

    1. I know you’re a Burda fan..your posts have inspired me. I love the idea of a channel for a waist tie! Yes it’s the perfect dress to transition from hot summer days to cooler fall days. It will be in heavy rotation!

  2. *Holds hand in the air* Me, me! I’m a big BurdaStyle fan…as you know, I’m actually one of the Influencer team 🙂 …I love the designs. They seem so modern and on trend. I had my eye on that dress pattern too, but at this moment in time, I don’t really need another summer dress, so I restrained myself. I love your version and it’s nice to see the pattern made up. It really suits you and looks very comfy and easy to wear.

    1. Thank, Diane! Burda styles are always on trend…that’s probably why I subscribe the the magazine which is an expensive proposition when you live in the US. I’ve got a lot of dresses too, I tell myself that they’re not transition dresses though like this one. 🙂 if I only had a bit of your resolve.

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