Jumpsuit Love and Two New Buddies


I knew when I decided to participate in the RTW Fast this year, that I’d have my work cut out for me in a key wardrobe category – – Pants. I’ve always preferred RTW over me-made pants in past years. But in the jumpsuit category, RTW has always let me down; the fit, the fabric… not to mention the comfort factor. Ugh. So, creating a jumpsuit that fit was a challenge I accepted willingly.

Of course, as soon as I finished this, my husband informed me he isn’t a ‘fan’ of jumpsuits. Ha, isn’t that such a guy thing? If he would just wear a jump suit, I’m sure he would change his mind.


The pattern I chose is Simplicity 8610, a jumpsuit with a slightly raised waist, deep pockets and slight gathers at the waist.


I was attracted to the details on this one – the raised, gathered waist, the top-stitched bodice band, and the buttons on the straps.


This is my first jumpsuit and I was a bit nervous about fit, so I’m glad this pattern was pretty forgiving. The look/fit is so unstructured, there was little I could do to screw it up! I cut the size my measurements indicated and it fit perfectly – a rarity in patterns that must be celebrated! I also found the placement of the back pockets to be spot on too! That’s got to be a first for me. The one modification I made was to shift the gathers so that the center front of the waist is and smooth. I did this because I thought there was a bit of a pooch at the stomach when the gathers were evenly distributed.


Simplicity recommends soft fabrics like cotton and linen, but I really wanted ‘drape’ so I chose a soft medium weight crepe, and I’m glad I did as it’s so comfortable and easy to wear. It was great to work with – not too slippery and it doesn’t fray. As fabrics go, crepe is pretty versatile – – easy to dress up or down. I might be able to get away with wearing my new jumpsuit in the fall with a shirt underneath. What do you think?


Are you a jumpsuit fan, or are you in my husband’s camp? I’d love to know pattern recommendations for the future, as I’m loving this one right now!

It’s been a year since our nutty tabby, Dustin, passed, and we decided we’re ready for a new friend. We went to adopt one, and ended up with two babies :). They’re a boy and a girl from the same litter who look like twins; Maggie and Mitchell, only three months old!

They were a bit nervous at first, but are now feeling enough at home to show us their stuff. There’s lots of running, jumping and climbing at our house right now. I’m sure they’ll be leaping into a blog photo or two before too long!

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by.


15 thoughts on “Jumpsuit Love and Two New Buddies

  1. Personally it’s a No to jumpsuits for me – but only because of the toilet factor. I do love the look. Yours looks spot on and i love it with the shirt underneath. And your wee kittens are just adorable! 🐱🐱🐱

    1. Ha! Toilet factor…Yes, there is that! We’ll see if I can learn to manage under stress! It’s too hot here to really give the shirt under it a whirl, but time will change all of that. Yes, the kittens are so cute and so hilarious, a love able combination to be sure.

  2. What a success! You look fab in your jumpsuit. Hope you don’t mind me saying the proportions, the style, and fabric choice really work for you. Such a different look with the blouse, but it works. The kittens look pretty lovely, too!

    1. Thanks, Su! I was nervous about fit on this one, so glad it worked! The kittens are so nice to have around…energized and crazed one minute, sweet the next!

  3. Awww, adorable kitties!

    Love the jumpsuit, the front is a nice change with the squared off neckline.

  4. I like your jumpsuit too! I think your choice of fabric was spot on and the colour is beautiful. I like it with a shirt and without – that bodice suits you so nicely it would make a nice jumper as well and most skirt patterns could easily be adapted to that bodice. Once you have such a good fitting bodice especially with a squared neckline and straps it’s golden 🙂 It can be a cami and for that matter with such a nice fitting pant (I like the length of them and the narrowing at the ankle on you too) it be adapted to a nice pair of pants with just an added waist band. This is actually quite a versatile and great value pattern for you!

  5. I’m a fan, I’ve been looking for a pattern suitable for daughter no 1 for ages. I like the shape of this one, looks great on you.

    1. Thanks! It took a bit of nerve to wear it out, but now I love it! Fitting pants of any kind is always a chore for me. I always feel so lucky when they turn out!

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