A Ruffled Top Done 3 Ways

Sometimes when you first meet a pattern, you can see so many possibilities. That’s the way it was with me and this simple pattern. I made one view, then couldn’t resist immediately trying another and….well, another. Three versions of one pattern…overkill maybe, but why fight it?


When you have alot of children, you aren’t supposed to pick favorites, but I refuse to believe that rule applies to sewn garments too. The above version is my favorite, and as usual, it’s all about the fabric. Linen knit might be the finest fabric to wear on this planet. It’s like wearing pajamas every day, and easy to sew with too. The seams need to be overlocked to prevent unraveling, but otherwise it’s a dream with a perfect drape for this top.

When I pulled that linen from my stash, I happened on this white linen gauze that I’ve been saving for too long, waiting for the perfect project…very lightweight, and well, flounce-appropriate. So, as the song says, one thing leads to another.IMG_2120

Of course, my timing wasn’t so great on this summer-perfect make. As I’m typing this post, rain is pounding the deck outside. For once, I’m glad to see it  as we have high hopes the rain will put out the fire that is destroying our spectacular Columbia River Gorge. (Fingers crossed!!) I do expect we’ll have a few more days of warm weather though because I need to take this linen version out for a test run.

Then, there was this lonely piece of rayon that I’d dithered about for months….


Voila, a simple version was born, no flounce at the yoke, only on the sleeves. Three fun  and very wearable versions….Now, that’s what I call a great pattern!

I probably don’t need to tell you that this is an easy pattern since there are three versions in one blog post, LOL.  Simplicity 8454 may be easy, but it does have nice details, so it’s destined to be made a few more times before it’s time is done.


I’m always looking for tops with sleeve variations that can take it from one season to the next and this pattern meets the need. It’s meant to be made from a woven fabric, but I just sized down to make it from my linen knit. The design element that attracted me to it was the yoke and flounce combo, but I like the simple version too, without the flounce at the yoke, and can imagine variations with lace at the yoke and sleeves. The flounce is very simply finished, and if you had a fabric that didn’t unravel, you could actually just skip the finish, and leave the edges raw…so easy!

I don’t think you’ve seen the last of this pattern on my blog. It’s just too fun to make! Have you ever made three versions of  a pattern one right after another? Do you love it or does it bore you? It’s a great way to get alot of sewing done because you have immediate feedback regarding fit on one version to try out on the next.

I find it so fascinating to see how just a change of fabric can make a pattern look so different! A slight change in drape and texture, and voila, a new look is born.

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!

20 thoughts on “A Ruffled Top Done 3 Ways

  1. Ooh, I might just have to get this pattern! Love, love, love all three versions that you made, though I may have to go with the green one as my fave because I like the green colour and longer skeeve, and I’m thinking of Autumn makes as I look out on to fog here in the UK

    1. I hope you do give it a try, as I’d love to see your version. I’m loving the longer sleeve too as it is a bit cool here! I might have to give that version another go in a cozy knit with a good drape but not too much stretch. Fog…(sigh). I guess there’s no avoiding the fact that fall really is here…

  2. I like all three versions of this pattern. Not paid any attention to this one, so glad to see your different makes with this.

  3. The yoke flounce is so cute! I love it in the linen–it’s so floaty and totally your style! I hope the rain extinguishes the fires. We finally got a clear look over the mountains here again after we’ve been flooded with smoke.

    1. Thank-you! I do love linen…:). Yes, the rain is doing a good job, I’m happy to say! Living with forest fire smoke is so depressing and sad.. glad your skies are clear again!

  4. Lovely tops! I have never sewn with a linen knit before (or held one, even!) but have heard how wonderful they are to wear. I love the white gauze top particularly: the texture of the fabric really shines, and the flounce falls so nicely. Here’s hoping the rain you’re getting helps with the terrible fires, and fast! <3

    1. Thanks! Oh, you really must try a linen knit – They are the best and you can find them at on-line fabric stores. I think the white gauze top will go with everything! The rain has helped the fires, but wouldn’t you know, now there’s the worry that the rain will cause mud slides because the slopes of the gorge are bare in many places. Fingers crossed that the damage is less than they expect.It’s such a beautiful place, a bit of heaven!

  5. I love all but think my favorite is the green long sleeve version. The yoke flounce is very different and works with the long sleeves! I can see it in a wool jersey for winter.
    Hope you don’t get any mudslides from too much rain! Seems like Mother Nature is reeking havoc this year. Keep your fingers crossed !

    1. Thanks! I love your idea of wool jersey. It would be the perfect winter top. They still have the gorge highway closed because of mudslides, but it isn’t raining today so I hope this break will give the workers time to get some work done. Havoc is a good word for what’s going on in our world these days!

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