A Burda Sweater Dress you can make in a day

A simple pattern that feels stylish, and on-trend. There’s nothing better, eh?

The pattern for this sweater dress is one I’ve used before, traced patiently from a Burda style magazine pattern sheet. Once I’ve taken the time to trace a pattern, it’s always pleasing when I’m inspired to use it again!

This pattern is Burda 1/2019/111, destined to be a tried and true pattern for me. There are two things that attracted me to it ; the cocoon shape….

and the ‘audrey hepburn’ collar!

UNSPECIFIED – CIRCA 1955: Photo of Audrey Hepburn Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

In-seam pockets are so useful and stylish, don’t you think?

Construction Details: My fabric is a unusual textured knit I bought last year on sale at Joann’s. The knit is incredibly comfortable to wear, but I do have to admit, the stretch recovery is a bit on the relaxed side. As a result, the cocoon shape of this dress isn’t quite as pronounced as my last version (here.) Even though I’m a tad bit disappointed, the dress is fast becoming a favorite, worn over leggings, even jeans. Live and learn. I’ll be more careful when I choose knits for dresses in the future. Other than that, construction of this dress was pretty straightforward. I used my serger ( so easy) to sew and finish my seams. All in all, this dress only took about three hours!!

The Burda pattern magazine is so inspiring, but to be honest, I haven’t renewed my subscription for this year. The price tag is pretty hefty (in the States the price has increased to $100 per year), and I’d have to trace alot of patterns to make the montly investment pencil out. Instead, I’ve subscribed to the Burda on-line newsletter, (recently updated). I hope to get my monthly dose of Burda that way! We’ll see how long I can resist the urge to renew….

This weekend, I pulled a few pieces of linen and cotton from my fabric stash. I’m getting in the mood for Spring sewing. How about you?

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!

16 thoughts on “A Burda Sweater Dress you can make in a day

  1. This is really cute!! It’s a really nice fabric that looks so comfortable, but it could also be so appropriate for a formal business meeting! it looks expensive!

  2. I’ve made this one up last winter here in Australia and I love it. I think your fabric is divine…. yes I’ve thought about not subscribing to Burda any more, most of the designs seem rather recycled but occassionaly there is a real gem.

    1. Thanks, Ingrid! Nice to hear you’ve had success with this pattern too! Yes, some of the Burda magazine patterns do look recycled. I’m hoping I’ll find the really special patterns through the newsletter because those are not to be missed!

  3. Love your dress. I buy Burda magazines infrequently but I have the with this dress. I had passed over it but your make is better than theirs, in my opinion.

  4. Found the same knit on the sale table at Joann. Made a Blackwood cardigan with it, put the fabric on the bias for the front and sleeve bands. It was a good find. Fun to see another version of it,

  5. super cute! I keep looking at this pattern and want to sew it. I find the magazine to be such a great value as I find at least 3-4 patterns per issue that I want to sew, I pretty much don’t buy any other patterns now.

  6. Well you know I’m on board with this pattern, having made it myself. It’s a fabulous style on you. I didn’t renew my subscription either because my local shop is stocking the mag again so I can have a quick look through to see if there are patterns that I like. But you know the pdfs are reasonably priced so perhaps that’s a route you could go down when you see the collections online.

    1. Thanks, Diane! Yes I love your version of this pattern! How nice that you have an easy source for the magazine! One of the advantages to living across the pond:)? Yes the PDFs are cheap and easy, so I’ll always have that option.

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