One is good, but two is better!

One peplum shirt is good, but two is better, right? Of course! That’s why I’m making a second version of one of my favorite Tried ‘n True patterns – Butterick 6097.

There’s a reason I’m sewing two versions of the same pattern back to back. Not only do I LOVE this pattern, but the Monthly Stitch August Challenge is Two is the magic number. So, if I’m going to obsess over a TNT pattern, what better time to do it?

 Just like my last version, this shirt uses two contrasting prints. The truth is now obvious. I Love mixing prints! I cannot get enough of it. Even Mr. ElleGee has noticed my new found love. When I wore this shirt a couple of nights ago, he looked at me, tilted his head thoughtfully and said….”Oh. Well, that’s nice. But hey. Umm, aren’t you making a lot of those shirts now with the different fabrics up the front?”
 Well, yes, as I matter of fact I am.  How nice of him to notice :).
 The print I chose for this particular shirt is from Cotton and Steel, purchased at Fabric Depot. The texture of this cotton is so yummy, I love wearing it.  The fabric is so light weight, I expected it would wrinkle, but it doesn’t. How great is that? These photos were taken after several hours of wear, yet the shirt still looks pretty crisp. (The contrast fabric on the front band and the collar band is from my stash, purchased long ago from who-knows-where.)
 There isn’t much I can say about this pattern, since I’ve made it before ( see it here).  It’s all about the box pleats in the front and back, you know? This version has three quarter length sleeves without a cuff. They’re rolled up a bit in these photos because it’s so hot and muggy today. In spite of the heat though, this shirt is comfortable. And this print is a bit easier on the eyes than the last print I used (see it here), so I’m sure I’ll wear this a lot, maybe with jeans or a skirt.
Now, that I’ve made this shirt twice in a matter of only a few weeks, is my obsession over? Hmmmm, not sure I can guarantee that as I seem to have another version percolating in mind…..Oh no…….help me out of this horribly deep rut!
Please. Tell me I’m not alone, that you become obsessed with certain patterns too…?
Happy Sewing! And thanks for stopping by!

14 thoughts on “One is good, but two is better!

  1. So totally get your obssession. Its a great fitting pattern that you have nailed!. I have made 4 of my beloved V1440 top since Feb this year. I am tempted to use contrst fabrics but have no confidence in matching up fabrics. I must try because this top is just lushd

  2. Totally get you obsession. You have nailed the fit! Love your use of contrasting fabrics. I have no confidence in matching up different fabric s – i must try though because this shirt is so lush!

    1. Yes. That is the good thing about multiple passes on a pattern . You don’t have to fuss with the fit again. Mixing up prints is especially appealing to me because It’s a good way to burn through my remnant stash a bit. I have zillions of little fabric leftovers that are too lovely not to use, you know?

  3. I love it! This really is a great shape on you, and it looks so crisp. I love the scale difference in the prints that you’ve chosen–they work so well together. I meant to comment on the yellow one that it reminds me of this store close to me that sells luxe French linens…it’s the colors of Provence all in a shirt. Lovely.

    1. Thanks! I’m not as fond of the yellow as I am of the blue but now that you’ve reminded me that those colors are very French, it looks way better to me…thanks for that!!!

  4. Fab pattern, fab tops and fab blog. Note to self, must make more tops. I’m making endless jackets at the moment and have no intention of stopping until I get them right, obsessed yes! jacketless no!

    1. Thanks! A jacket obsession sounds great for fall. I’m easing into cool weather sewing slowly but surely. I could use a jacket or two now that I think about it. Hmmmm.

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