I’m having a That Seventies Show moment

I took to heart the advice I saw in a fashion magazine recently. When it comes to fall fashion and prints,  more is more! Apparently, the old maxims about print on print should be damned.
Okay. It’s nice to know that my over-the-top shirt is on-trend, because then, perhaps I’ll have the guts to wear it! Personally, whenever I look at this shirt, all I can think of is ’That Seventies Show’.
imagesThe gang here, giving us some attitude!
I guess that isn’t a bad thing because some fashion experts insist the ‘seventies comeback’ trend in fashion is here for a second season. Okay! Bring it on because I Am Ready!
How did I end up with this print/look? Well, it’s a now familiar story. Both fabrics were in my stash, and I’ve been so In Love with the mixed print look that’s all around in RTW!
Here are some of my favorite examples. Burberry Prorsum is mixing up the prints in their Autumn 2015 RTW line.
OMG. I need that. The seventies’ vibe is pretty obvious here with more of a folksy interpretation.   I’m going to have to find some fabric to recreate a mix and match look like this soon.
Love the print and texture overload here, accented with bands of black.  And the fringe on that bag. Please! Can I have some!
Here’s a close up of my wild print. Sure, it’s not as cool as the Burberry print, but it cost only $12.99 a yard…Ha!
I used one cotton print for the bodice, skirt and sleeves, and used the contrast for the front bands and the collar band. The cotton is so crisp, it sews like a dream (Fabric Depot). I think this cotton is meant to be used for quilting, but that’s never stopped me before, nor will it in the future. The fabric has just enough body to give the peplum a bit of a kick, and what’s not to love about that.
The top I made is Butterick 6097, a fitted shirt with a collar and peplum variations, princess seams and a front button band.
I chose this pattern because I’ve made it before (here) and I like that fact that it has a bit of structure. Also, the style works with all sorts of bottoms; shorts, skirts, and jeans. To me, the peplum style has a slight retro vibe, which I always, always love. Peplums are nice for Waistless Girls like me, because they fool folks into thinking we actually HAVE them.
I made view B, a long sleeve version that I modified. My sleeves are closer to 3/4. I added a 3 inch cuff, so that I could push the sleeves up if it got too warm (rolled up here because we’ve had more than a few 100 degree days in Oregon this summer…EEK!).
Because the pattern is so fitted, I chose to go up a size in the waist (since I don’t really have one), then cut my usual size through the hips. These adjustments are the same I made in my previous version. The pattern went together easily and it fit with just a bit of last minute seam adjustment at the sides. The peplum pleats were super easy to sew. You just have to mark them well.
So, what do you think? Is this print just a bit too much? I’m not sure, but I think I’ll wear this top anyway. The fabric feels so good against my skin, and for me, that’s often the bottom line in terms of a garment’s wearabitliy.  I do love this Butterick pattern, so much so, I’ll be making another version of it this week (more is more?) and posting it here and on the Monthly Stitch Blog, since the August Challenge is ‘Two is the magic number’.
Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!!

19 thoughts on “I’m having a That Seventies Show moment

  1. I dont think your print is much at all. I love this top! Seventies style rock IMO. Watched the movie Only Good Things starring Ryan Goslin and Kirsten Durnst. She wears some really nice seventies outfits that had me thinking I need more retro in my life! More is more!

    1. Thanks for the thumbs up on the print. Oh – – I’m definitely going to have to watch that movie! Love Ryan Gosling (who doesn’t?) and if there are seventies outfits, I will be pretty happy. Thanks for the heads up on that.

      1. I am so going through a Ryan Gosling crush phase right now! I watched the Notebook 4 nights ago and that scene in the rain. And i thought i was too old for that😃

    1. Thanks! I think wearing it with jeans might be the way to go when I do finally take this top out on the town. Maybe it’s because the blue in the denim is almost a neutral?

      1. I know… I could pretty much give a 15 minute rant on how RTW gets all the good stuff, especially the designers, than DIY! Then there is the problem where I have found my fabric on-line but the shipping and exchange rate means I might as well buy a Gucchi or Chanel! Ok ok I’ll calm down now – anyone know a good reliable Canadian on-line fabric store? 😔. I’m going to see if anyone has the answer on Instagram! 😀

      2. I couldn’t agree more!! The good stuff is hard to find on-line too. I’ve spent hours searching for fabrics that match what you can find in RTW only to decide it’s impossible. I’ve not found any Canadian on line stores but they must be out there? I can imagine the shipping in your neck of the woods must be prohibitive.

      3. I know I bought on line from a U.S. company before when I really wanted something special. At that time it was an okay price still. It was special fabric so of course I would pay more. At present the exchange rate sucks – good for the U.S. Citizens coming up here, but bad for Canadians going down to the U.S. But that’s the changeable economy so I understand that. But besides that I think the shipping has gone up too! See! Now you got me started, I’m ranting! I’ll stop! Have a nice weekend… Get your sewing in!

  2. I love it!!! I covet it to be frank. I usually shy from button downs, but you have my interest with this peplum. Great fabric combination- come on, keep going bold- it’s lovely!

    1. Thanks! Bold isn’t usually my thing but I think I’m starting to acquire a taste for it. And mister ellegee seems to like it so I am getting encouragement on all fronts. Never a bad thing when you’re trying something new.

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