A Cold Shoulder Tee Dress

IMG_7042Last summer, I thought the cold-shoulder trend would be a one-season wonder. Boy was I wrong! It’s everywhere this Spring, and if the trend-predictors are correct, it will be around for some time to come.  I’m glad to hear that because, honestly, I love wearing this look! To me, it makes a simple dress something special. That’s why I decided to try it for this casual, tee-shirt dress.

IMG_7057This dress is as comfortable as it looks, made from an Art Gallery cotton jersey I purchased from Fabric Depot last summer. It’s a medium weight jersey which is great for keeping the shape of the cold shoulder detail. But it’s not too heavy, allowing the gathers at the waist to really shine.

My inspiration for this make was this casually sophisticated dress from Tibi.


I was so happy when I found a pattern that re-creates this look, Butterick 6425.

IMG_7031I love the neck-line options and the fact that you can use the pattern to create a number of looks, including a jumpsuit! I opted for the v-neck dress option but used the sleeves from option B.  The neckline and sleeve openings are simply finished with a 5/8 inch hem. Usually, I prefer a binding or a facing finish at the neck, but with this knit, this method worked well. However, on a flimsier knit, it would be possible to stretch the knit too much during construction, resulting in a saggy neck or sleeve opening. This dress is an easy make, and from cut to finish it took me less than three hours.

IMG_7017I am going to love wearing this dress and am so glad I decided to add this to my cold shoulder wardrobe (here and here and here). The black and white print is classic but bright and eye catching. The style is pretty versatile too. It could be dressed up with a belt and some cool jewelry or dressed down with flats or tennis shoes for running errands. My only question about this dress is whether I left it too long or not? Long is more sophisticated, but short is…well… more energetic looking? I also wish I’d had enough fabric to make a matching belt, but, alas, that was not the case.

I plan on making another version of this dress with the flutter sleeves and might even try a jumpsuit version! Lots of plans are swirling around in my head :).

Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!


19 thoughts on “A Cold Shoulder Tee Dress

  1. Oh my gracious, everything about this is flattering and beautiful! Superb. I love the fabric and the cut. Bravo!

  2. So cute! Art Gallery knits are the perfect weight for this style (plus they’re so lovely to wear and sew)! I think the length is good where it’s at, but you could easily lop off an inch or so. It’s funny… We all have that magic proportion length. I know once I hit the top of my knees or below, it’s a little dicey. Can you pin it up to play with it first?

    1. Thank-you! I so agree with you about Art Gallery knits. I’m becoming such a fan! Pinning it up is a great idea…I can’t stand it when a dress is too short so I tend to err on the side of length, but I’m kind of thinking I should raise this hem so that the dress doesn’t look frumpy!

  3. Gosh Elle, I adore this dress!!! I almost bought this pattern last week and now after seeing your dress, I wish I had picked it up!! You look great!

  4. Just a note to Margo that this lovely pattern is now on sale on Butterick site for $2.49 which is a bargain especially seeing yours made up! It’s gorgeous. I have a RTW cold shoulder top (bamboo and cotton blend) a few years ago (for a whopping $135!) and I love that top! I’ve been eyeing cold shoulder tops to make ever since but haven’t seen one that ticks all the boxes and yours does so I think I’m off to order this pattern! Thank you so much for this great post. Love your dress!

    1. Great news that this pattern is on sale right now! I’m so glad you’re going to give this one a try…I think you will love it. 135!! It’s always nice when sewing for yourself is cost effective!

  5. Your dress looks fab! I love it paired with those rather cool ‘cold-toe’ boots! Very nice indeed 🙂

  6. Off the shoulder shirts are a must-have for this summer season, with their undeniable versatility to be paired with almost anything and a cold shoulder tee dress is also necessary.

  7. I’m loving the look of your new website. I haven’t stopped by in awhile because I started following so much crap on bloglovin’ that now it’s harder for me to keep up with my favorite sewing blogs. I miss the old bloglovin’ format where I could just click on a list of my favorite blogs, but now they’re trying to look like pinterest. So annoying. Anyway, enough about all that. Cute dress! I love your fabric choice. Happy 4th! Are you doing indie pattern month. I’m planning on photographing my dress for this week’s contest, but it’s frickin’ raining.

    1. Thanks! I’m not wild about the new Bloglovin format either! It does make it really hard to keep on top of my favorite blogs too. I gave them some feedback, not sure it will do any good;)

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