Vogue 9204 – morphed!


img_6263-1Hi All! Sometimes, you just want a dress with pom-pom trim, am I right? That was the motivation that drove me to make this new frock. Frivilious? Yes, but oh so satisfying!  I can’t really tell you where my pom-pom craving came from. Maybe from these inspiring photos?

Pom-poms and lace; who can resist that? I love Blake Lively’s scarf too (Tory Burch, I think).

Pom poms can be tricky, though. You don’t want to look like a walking craft show (LOL). That’s why I tried to use some restraint and placed my pom poms only at the neckline…


…and cuffs.


Hopefully, I didn’t go too far 🙂

The pattern I used for this dress is a tunic/top pattern that’s new this fall, Vogue 9204. I was determined to make a dress with a v-neck and as luck would have it, the only pattern in my stash that seemed to work was this one, so I modifed.

  • I added 6 inches to the front and back bodice length.
  • I shortened the sleeves to three quarters and added a self drafted 5″cuff to each, inserting pom-pom trim in the seams.
  • Instead of using the tie at the neck, I made it into a wrap belt, by widening it a bit and squaring off the ends. I also added 6 inches to the length of my belt since I knew I wanted to wrap it twice around my middle.
  • I inserted pom-pom trim in the neck facing seam.


The fabric is a medium weight woven, with an ikat print, bought at Fabric Depot last Spring. I think the colors make it sort of Fall-ish, though, don’t you? If I were going to make this Vogue pattern into a tie top though rather than this dress, I would likely choose a fabric with more drape, like rayon. I chose cotton for my dress because I knew I’d be adding the weight of pom-pom trim to the dress’s neckline and cuffs and I wanted fabric that would hold its shape. (BTW, I didn’t realize it, but pom-pom trim is sort of fragile. If you aren’t careful, the shape can be lost as it is basically yarn wrapped around more yarn. You have to be a bit careful when cutting it and inserting the trim into the seam to keep all of your pom poms intact.)




All in all, I’m happy with the result. I think the lesson I learned with this dress is that every new project does not require a new pattern (sigh). Although I love pattern shopping and have a pattern stash that is HUGE, it is pretty easy to modify one I already have rather than buying a new one every time I get the urge.

I’ve been gathering ideas for fall sewing in a notebook, cutting out images from magazines, but it isn’t the most efficient method (an understatement). Then, there’s the difficulty of translating those ideas into a project cue. How do you all organize your inspirations and projects? My current method is one big mess.

I hope your fall sewing is off to a grand start. Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by!



27 thoughts on “Vogue 9204 – morphed!

  1. What a gorgeous dress. Love the fabric and your use of the pompoms is great – subtle but fun. And it is so satisfying using a pattern you already own in a new way.
    I do my planning in a notebook too. But I also occasionally post about it because I find reading planning posts super inspiring!

  2. Your dress is fab, I love the funky fabric and the colours really suit you. I’ve been trying to work out a way of adding Pom poms and this looks such a good subtle way, they are sooo lovely. I don’t make plans but I wish I did, I change my mind far too often.

  3. This is so pretty! I don’t think you went overboard. I love the pom poms as an accent. I’m impressed that you seamlessly converted this top into a dress. Good job girl!

  4. Its a beautiful dress and I love the pom poms. Ikat is one of those I fear becuase of the pattern matching but yours makes me want to try 🙂 Well done you for getting on with your fall sewing. I am yet to make tracks in that direction. Although like you I have started a sort of mood board for things I am liking for fall. It includes cut pictures and fabric swatches of fabrics that I want to use. Its so hard to not buy new patterns – technically speaking with one good fitting dress you can mod it into anything but where is the fun in that? I think all the patterns stash contribute to the creativity even if most of it is never used. x

    1. I love your idea of adding swatches to your mood board, brilliant! Then maybe I’d use a bit more from my stash vs heading to the fabric store on a whim! At least Ikat prints are usually big and obvious, easier to match that way, you know? And I love your approach to your pattern stash…they do all contribute to our creativity in a meaningful way. Now if only my family would see it that way as they stumble over the boxes 🙂

  5. Great tips on how to use pom pom trim! It’s such an interesting trim. You did a great job using it in this dress, it’s very tasteful and interesting — especially with the fabulous fabric!

    Pattern shopping is soooo much fun and so addictive, but that’s okay. They take up less space than fabric does, and every pattern is like a little sewing lesson on patternmaking or construction. It’s like building your own library. The good patterns are the versatile ones that can be hacked and redesigned. 🙂

    Have you tried Pinterest? Or Polyvore? Those are two sites that enable users to ‘scrap book’ images from all over the internet, without the mess of cutting and pasting magazine photos into a notebook. I also take screen shots of images from Instagram, which are easily accessible on my phone. Every image has tons of cues — color combinations, design elements, neckline ideas, fit solutions, etc.

    Good luck with your fall sewing plan!

    1. Such a good point about patterns being a mini-sewing lesson. I never thought about it that way but it is so true. I’ve learned so much from the good ones. I do have a Pinterest page but haven’t thought to use it like a scrapbook. But it makes sense, especially because it’s so accessible on my phone while I’m wandering about. And Instagram screen shots, so much eye candy there!

  6. I have looked at pom pom braid so often and thought whatever could I do with that. I saw Karen put some on the hem of her slim line pants, and that looked great. And the neckline is a new and exciting idea too. I want to have a try now.

    I have lots of patterns, many of them vintage, and I have certainly learnt a great deal about pattern cutting (eg how YSL designed his shift dress), designing and fashion history as well as construction approaches.

    1. Thanks! Ha, yes, I’m on my way to Hollywood! Seriously though,those pom-poms have proved their worth. I wore the dress out this weekend, and the pom-poms started many interesting conversations. People seem to have deep opinions about pom-poms. Who knew?

  7. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah how did I not comment on this post when I first read it?!? I LOVE this dress. The pom pom trim is interesting but subtle enough not to take away from the chicness of the dress at all. You used it so well, and that’s a great accomplishment–pom pom abuse is a real thing, LOL! But not here. =D

    1. Thanks! I love my Pom poms but I think I might be in the throes of a serious Pom Pom obsession now. I bought some white ones last weekend, even though I do not have a plan in mind. Who knows where this will lead?

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