Vogue 8805: Dressing for a feast


Okay, I admit it. I eat more than my fair share of stuffing and pie on Thanksgiving. For me, dressing for the day is less about fashion than survival. My friends are fabulous cooks you see, so the dinner will be so delicious, I will say ‘no’ to nothing.  I will eat and drink too much. I will be bloated. In other words, I will be the poster child for ‘why you should always wear Spanks’. But I digress.


Dressing appropriately for this feast-a-thon is critical. The dress can’t be too tight at the waist. It must be stretchy and soft. It can’t be too short, as you don’t want to be over-exposed when you assume the post dinner slouch. And it has to look good when worn with tights (it’s cold outside!). As if that wasn’t challenge enough, I added one other requirement as I perused my pattern stash. It had to have a drop waist, like these Burberry gems.


Okay, that’s a tall order for a dress pattern, but I found the perfect one, Vogue 8805, a three tiered shift dress. The sleeves and yoke make up one tier, then the middle and bottom of the bodice are the others.

V8805 (1)

This is a popular pattern and a quick internet search will show you why. There are so many great ways to combine fabrics and colors using this as your template.The pattern is rated ‘very easy’, since it has a back slit with button closure and the sleeves are part of the bodice (nice!).  I made the construction of my dress a bit more challenging with a few modifications.

  •  I added a zipper to the front  by creating a 5/8′ seam at center front  then inserting a zipper.
  • I cut the bottom tier out of a contrast color, then created the drop waist look by expanding that tier by 8″. Then, with that extra 8″, I created  four 5/8″ pleats with the excess fabric on both the front and back bottom tier.
  • I also added a contrasting fabric band at the cuffs to give the sleeves a finished look.
  • I added long  darts to the bodice to give it a bit more shape at the waist.


The bottom line? This dress is comfortable, and the flirty pleated tier may (?) inspire me to behave a little less like a post dinner slug in favor of dancing those calories off. Only time will tell. What is your garment of choice for the feast-a-thon?

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! It’s so fun to be part of a conversation with such creative people. I’m so thankful for each of you and for the inspiration you give. Happy Sewing, and thanks for stopping by….


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  1. Cute! I can totally see the Burberry inspiration in this dress. The CF zipper is a great detail, and the wine color looks like it would go well with an iconic Burberry scarf. Happy Thanksgiving! I, myself no doubt will eat far too many mashed potatoes as I park my own personal gravy boat in front of my plate. ;D

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