McCalls 7247: A Tee Top for the New Year


For me, 2015 went by too fast, a crazy blur of fabric purchases, sewing marathons, and mad dashes to the store for notions. When I look back on it, well, it was a bit chaotic. My resolution for 2016? To sew strategically, that is, to use my sewing time to fill in the missing elements in my wardrobe rather than to follow the allure of whatever new and gorgeous fabric catches my eye! Hmmm. We’ll see how it goes…

To that end, my first post of our fresh and shiny new year is a tee top with an overlay, a project that’s a stash buster that fills a wardrobe hole. Many of my much-loved long sleeved tops are showing signs of wear, so it’s time to replace them.  And, honestly, one can never have too many tops to wear with jeans and boots, right?


As I considered what to make, I found this top to be especially appealing. I love the front overlay and the options that offer the opportunity to use contrasting fabrics.The pattern is McCall’s 7247. It’s a stash buster because the bodice of view C uses only a yard and the sleeves use 3/4 of a yard. Yay! I can use up those small remnants I’ve been saving (hoarding?).

Pattern Modifications:I adjusted for my narrow shoulders, but otherwise, I sewed my usual size.

  • I used a contrast color for the sleeves.
  • I used ribbing for the neck band in a third contrasting color.
  • I added three contrasting buttons to the overlay front.
  • I added a contrasting sleeve band of three inches to the bottom of the sleeve to give it more of a finished look.
  • I used a contrast fabric for the back.

Fabric: I used a moderate-stretch sweater knit that I purchased when I was traveling some time ago in Pennsylvania. Sad to say that the fabric store has since gone out of business. For the sleeves, I used a solid black rayon knit with lots of stretch.

The pattern went together easily and quickly, a plus for those of us who love an occasional project that can be cut and sewn in a day. To me, the success of this project seemed largely dependent on the fabric, and I was glad I chose a medium weight knit that had a nice drape. If the knit was heavier, it may not have worked as well.

I’ve worn this top several times and the good news is that the overlay stays in place nicely. I worried that I’d spend my day adjusting the front so that it would hang nicely, but I wasn’t tempted to do that even once. I plan on making this top again in the Spring with short sleeves and the squared off front.

IMG_6166 (1)

As we begin a New Year, it’s always a time to reflect on our aspirations. In terms of sewing goals, well, I’m usually the type who prefers to create when inspiration strikes. But at the beginning of the year, I always find myself envying those who create with a plan in mind, so I offer these goals.

This year, I want to push myself a little more. I want to make another coat or two, and I’d LOVE to find a pants pattern that can become a ‘tried and true’ (Ideas, anyone?). I’d like to create a fun dress for a special occasion. I hope to learn a bit about pattern design too and maybe even try my hand at creating one for fun.

But most of all, I hope to visit more often with all of you. I enjoy so much, the friendships I’ve made over the last year. As you look forward to the year ahead, will you be planning your projects, or sewing as inspiration strikes?

Here’s to a great 2016! Happy sewing and thanks for stopping by.


23 thoughts on “McCalls 7247: A Tee Top for the New Year

  1. I have this pattern, but haven’t made it yet. I like your use of different fabrics & the buttons add a nice touch. The fit is really good too.

    1. Thanks! I checked out the link – – great website. That top is so similar to this pattern, it makes me want to go out and find some more fabric and make another one (see, I’m so impulsive!). I’ll look forward to seeing your version :). I’m sure it will be great.

  2. It looks great and as you say, it’s a good pattern for using up bits and pieces of leftover fabric. Did you lengthen the front? Several reviews say it’s short and opens up to show one’s tummy. You said yours doesn’t open but is it the length of the pattern or did you alter it?

    1. I didn’t lengthen the front at all. It worked well for me as designed and I cut my usual size. I am a bit short waisted though (about a half inch). Not sure if that could account for the difference with my experience vs. that of others?

      1. Thanks for the answer. I am slightly long waisted so probably lengthening the front would be necessary. Now when is that next pattern sale?!

      2. Lengthening the front would do the trick I would imagine. I was just wondering when the next pattern sale was too. My wish list is getting too long.

  3. You need to stop sewing. Everything you make becomes my next “must make” and I already had a list a mile long! I passed over this pattern when I first saw it, thinking it wouldn’t work for me, but your version makes me think it will. I’ll need to add length and maybe a fba, but I love this look on you.

    1. Hilarious! As you can probably tell it would take a power blackout to stop me from sewing. I think it would be easy to add length to this pattern, an fab too. Let me know how it turns out!

  4. Another amazing top–well done! Tops are one of the things my wardrobe is really lacking, so I clearly need to aim to be more like you in 2016! 😉

    Your approach to sewing goals and resolutions is similar to my own: harness inspiration as it comes, but try to be mindful of “big picture” goals as those projects develop, as well as wardrobe needs. I wish you luck with your goals and future projects: you’ll do great things this year!!

    1. Thank-you! One goal I omitted from my list is the ‘stash reduction’ goal :), which goes hand in hand with being mindful of the big picture, as you’ve said. The flashy and the new tend to distract. I can’t wait to see what you make in 2016. I was so taken with your work this year, especially that Marfy!!

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